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PART 2: HLID stuff------> super long hacken bio!!!

Biography - Page 1
(Information compiled by Kate. Written by Kate. If I made any mistakes, please correct me. Thanks! Go to the CONTACT page to see how to contact me.)

Hacken Lee was born on December 6, 1967 in Hong Kong. He and his parents lived in Macau for a short period of time. Later on, his family moved to Hong Kong. Hacken has one younger sister. Hacken was an average student in school and sometimes sneaked out of school to go eat or have tea with his friends. Ever since he was young, he loved soccer and Alan Tam's music. Hacken's uncle had an interior design business, so his family wanted him to study interior design and later run his uncle's company in the United States. (source: HKVP Radio) But in 1985 (he was 18 years old then), Hacken's life changed when he entered TVB's 4th Annual New Talent Competition (a singing competition) and met and became friends with fellow contestant, Vivian Chow. Though Hacken did not make it into the finals of this competition, Vivian persuaded him to enter the 19 Territories Singing Competition a couple months later. (source: HKVP Radio) Hacken entered and won first place in the competition. Hacken recalls, "When I won the competition, it messed up all the plans for college. Winning first place got me a PolyGram recording contract. It was so much fun, so I never thought about not signing this record deal. Now my family has immigrated so they're not against it anymore. If I could choose again, I would still be a singer." (source: HKVP Radio) Also, Hacken was very happy to be able to work in the same record company as his idol, Alan Tam, who he would later become very good friends with. So, he stopped going to college (which he had completed one year of) and became a singer. At that time, who knew that Hacken's life would be full of twists and turns? Yet, Hacken never gave up on his dreams and in recent years, has become one of the most famous and respected singers in Hong Kong.

At the start of Hacken's career, everything seemed to be going his way, as he quickly became well-liked and known for his amazing voice. In 1986 Hacken's first EP and later his first CD (Signs of Life) were released. Though sales for his first album were not very good, it received good reviews and professionals alike agreed that he was very talented. (Carmen's website) After Hacken acted in a TV series, Summer of '88, he became more well-known and his records sales went up. (source: Wikipedia) Also, Hacken started winning various music awards. Hacken also started doing advertisements, participating in charity shows, etc. (Carmen's website) Hacken's inspirational song, Red Sun (which he wrote the lyrics to) became a hit song in 1992 (and it's still popular today, often sung by Hacken at concerts/charity shows, sung by other singers, or played at various events) and boosted his popularity and career sky high. That same year, he also met Emily Lo (when he was a guest at the Miss Hong Kong 1992 Pageant), who would later become his girlfriend. During December 1993, Hacken's first concert (8 shows) was held at Hong Kong Coliseum and tickets were sold out. (Carmen's website) In 1994 he released his first Mandarin album to try to break into the mainland China and Taiwan market, but was unsuccessful. In the next few years, just as fast as he became famous, he became forgotten.

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Biography - Page 2
(Information compiled by Kate. Written by Kate. If I made any mistakes, please correct me. Thanks! Go to the CONTACT page to see how to contact me.)

"In life, there are twists and turns, but I have to get through it!" (Lyrics from Hacken's familiar song, Red Sun)

Starting in 1995, Hacken's career went downhill, mainly because of his bad luck and him not getting along with other people. Hacken had some contract disputes with Polygram, and soon left them to join a different record company. But that record company was having its own problems. (Wikipedia) Hacken changed his appearance, went to New York City to study music, and cooperated more with TVB, but was still not able to gain much recognition. He grew a beard and left his hair long, looking tougher and older, different from his previous clean, "nice guy" look. He traveled to New York City, USA, to study music there for a few months that year. (Elaine's website) Then, he released a CD titled Reborn (signifying that he is now different and better than before?). Unfortunately, many of the songs had a jazz style that the Hong Kong audience did not like, and only a couple songs became hit songs. Hacken tried to release a jazz songs CD again later that year, where he worked with Sony to record the songs in the USA. But when the Hackenation CD was released, the CD sales were once again very low.

Worse of all, Hacken had a concert in October 1995 that probably had the lowest ticket sales in the concert history of Hong Kong-only about 50% of the tickets were sold. (CASHFLOW interview) This was a very traumatic experience for Hacken, having to stay on stage and pretend nothing was wrong even though he was extremely upset when he saw all the empty seats. According to Hacken's long-time fan, Rou, Hacken has said before that those 10 days of concerts were the most disappointing days in his career. And in an interview with CASHFLOW (Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong) in June 2003, Hacken has referred to this incident as "the most difficult incident [he] encountered [in his] life." Fortunately, Hacken's optimism greatly helped him through this tough time. [You can read more about Hacken's thoughts about this time in his life in the CASHFLOW interview.] Also, his good friend, Alan Tam supported him during that time and surprised him by coming on stage in the middle of one of his concerts and standing behind Hacken while he sang a song. After Hacken finished the song, Alan said that if he wanted more people to watch his concert, he must work harder. (according to TONG) During Hacken's 2002 concert, he tells the audience that he really wants to thank "one person" (fans think this person is Alan), who, at that time, encouraged him to work harder and that if he could improve--his fans would surely come back to him one day. (fan Alan Alan's message)

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Biography - Page 3
(Information compiled by Kate. Written by Kate. If I made any mistakes, please correct me. Thanks! Go to the CONTACT page to see how to contact me.)

But why did Hacken lose fans and became less popular back then? There are many possible explanations. Some people say it was because too much pressure was put on Hacken to be as great as Alan Tam, because Alan was telling everyone how talented Hacken was and that he could replace Alan's place in the HK music world. Of course, such great expectations, at such a young age, are hard to live up to. No matter how great he was, the HK audience did not think he was good enough. On the other hand, many people think that it was because after Hacken started winning awards and becoming famous, he got arrogant and started to offend people with his overconfident attitude. But actually, this is just because Hacken is a very straightforward person who doesn't like to sugarcoat his words. [Read more about Hacken explaining this problem in the 2nd part of the Andy Lau x Hacken Lee Crossover Scoop interview that Jane translated.] Hacken's long-time fan, Rou, explains the problem very well: "Hacken has always been a frank and straightforward person and speaks his mind. He admits that success did get into his head, but he was just being himself and saw nothing wrong with it at that time. It was only when people told him about what they thought about him that he began to reflect on his behaviour and change his attitude for the better. Today, Hacken is still that frank person but he is notably more restrained, cos he does not want history to repeat itself. IMO, Hacken's frankness is good in the sense that it makes him more real, unlike other celebrities who put on a false front." In the interview with CASHFLOW from June 2003, Hacken explains ". . . at that time I didn't think I was arrogant. . . . [But] No matter what my motive was at the time, my speech and behaviour did make people feel uncomfortable. In response to many friends' advice, I decided to make a change." Lastly, others believe it was the popularity of the "Four Heavenly Kings" that pushed Hacken and other singers out of the limelight. During the time that these four singers were extremely popular during the mid-1990s, they dominated the music charts and CD sales. [Read more about this and why Hacken does not hold a grudge against them in the "Andy Lau x Hacken Lee Crossover" Scoop interview that Jane translated.] Though Hacken sang very well, his looks could not compete with these heartthrobs. Hacken had to get used to presenting awards to them rather than receiving awards during these tough times.

During the late1990s, Hacken spent a lot of time working on TVB series or hosting various TVB shows to have some work to do and hopefully become more well-known. He still released CDs, but the CD sales were not ideal. In 1997, he released a Mandarin CD again, hoping to break into the Mainland market. But once again, he was unsuccessful. Hacken still received a few music awards each year, but by this time, his singing career was going nowhere. In 1998, he could not release a CD because all the record companies rejected him. (source: HK Top Ten) Luckily, since Hacken is a big soccer fan, when the 1998 World Cup championships started during the summer, TVB picked him to be one of the hosts of a sports show and they promoted his soccer song, Adventure of a Soccer Fan, which became a hit song. Hacken explains in an interview in January 2005, "TVB gave me a lot of opportunities and even when I didn't have a contract with them, they sought me to do a lot of big shows. And when I worked for them, I became friends with a lot of employees, like producers and directors. When work came up that fit me, they would call me. Someone asked me, how come TVB doesn't look for other singers, because they are so many of them? I guessed because TVB doesn't need to go through managers and record labels to get to me. They contact me directly and think it's easier. Plus, I'm cheap, beautiful and upright, haha." [Reporter: We don't need to explain what "cheap" is. "Beautiful" means talented and "upright" means he doesn't mind]." (Source: HKVP Radio) Hacken actually thought of giving up singing to become a sports commentator for soccer games then, but he changed his mind and decided to "work on other jobs and wait for the chance [to make a comeback]." (source: HK Top Ten) During that time, Hacken joined the HK Celebrity Soccer Team and his friends from the team (such as Alan Tam, Nat Chan, Eric Tsang, etc.) also helped provide him with more work opportunities. (source: HK Top Ten) Since more people started to like and recognize Hacken, he was able to star in a TVB series, As Sure as Fate. Hacken was also able to sign a contract with the record company Star Entertainment and released a new + old songs collection CD that included Adventure of a Soccer Fan and other CDs that year. His CDs started selling well again, as more people remembered him and liked him again. But Hacken would still not have "the chance" he was waiting for until 2001, when he made his comeback (at the age of 33!).

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Biography - Page 4
(Information compiled by Kate. Written by Kate. If I made any mistakes, please correct me. Thanks! Go to the CONTACT page to see how to contact me.)

As the end of the millennium neared, Hacken's bad luck started turning into good luck. In 1999, he started hosting the weekly music show JSG (Jade Solid Gold) for TVB, which gave him more publicity and fans. Hacken also got to be Dodo Cheng's co-host in the important New Year show to welcome year 2000 at the end of the year. In the year 2000, Hacken starred in a stage musical, Ricky My Love, which was quite popular. By now, he was part of the Universal record company, and he continued releasing CDs, having a few hit songs. By the end of the year, Hacken starred in a TVB series called Street Fighters with Edmond Leung and newcomer Michelle Ye. It was a low-budget modern series that did not get much attention. Hacken was still working on JSG when the opportunity to make his comeback finally came in February 2001. According to Hacken's big fan, Stephanie, The Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra wanted to cooperate with Alan Tam for a concert. But Alan was busy, so he recommended Hacken to replace him (Isn't it ironic, how earlier, replacing Alan harmed Hacken's career, but almost 10 years later, it helped him make his comeback!) Loyal Hacken fan Rou explains: "he finally picked up the courage to have 2 concerts in conjunction with [Hong Kong] Philharmonic Orchestra in 2001. (He had a phobia of concerts after 1995.) The concerts were an unexpected success and it grew [to] 4 concerts and was a huge morale booster for him. The concerts CDs, VCDs also had high sales and with that, Hacken went back to singing [full time]." Actually, even then, Hacken still needed to overcome an obstacle that came from his own people. His manager thought he was too old (he was 33 years old) and not popular enough for the CDs and VCDs of the concert to sell well, so he rejected Hacken's request that the concert be released on CD and VCD. Yet Hacken believed in himself and kept insisting that the CDs, VCDs, and DVDs be released. Finally, in March 2001, the CDs were released and the VCDs and DVDs were released after that. At the time, the excellent CD sales broke a Hong Kong record for concert CD sales!

Hacken was definitely on his way to great success, as his popularity soared and everyone started appreciating his music again. In that year, he won many awards for his hit song, Flying Flowers and a couple other songs. Hacken filmed a TVB series about lawyers with Kenix Kwok, called Legal Entanglement (in which he played the role of a lawyer) in 2001 that did not air in Hong Kong until the next year. At the start of 2002, Hacken finally had a concert during Lunar New Year in Hong Kong, and it had been 9 years since he had his last solo concert there. In February 2002, Hacken died his hair gray for the concert (later in the year, he died it to yellow/blonde, at around August) and had worked out since the year before to look more manly and tough. He even danced (he has always said he's scared of dancing because he's not good at it) with some sexy dancers while wearing sunglasses. Hacken's new image was exciting and impressive. He sang some new songs and many of his classic songs. Tickets were sold out, and Hacken was very happy with the success of the concert. He even cried during the last concert! Right before Hacken's first concert, TVB started airing Legal Entanglement. The series was very successful. Super fan Rou remembers: "In 2002, he had his solo concert and this concert was a rousing success. The CDs, VCDs, DVDs had high sales and gained him the awards of IFPI Bestselling Male Singer and IFPI Bestselling Album (HK). His show, LE [Legal Entanglement] also had high ratings at a time when TVB ratings were in a slump, further stamping his popularity. June [2002] was World Cup month and Hacken was the ambassador for TVB [he was one of the sports commentators, like he is now], singing the theme song [for the soccer sport show. The song was Victory, in which Hacken used the hit instrumental, Victory, by popular England group, Bond] and hosting the programs. During this time, his exposure rate [was] brought to an all-time high and this was followed by Oi But Sek Sau [Can't Let Hands Go] and Gou Mui [Tall Girl, in which Gigi Leung composed the music and Hacken wrote the lyrics], two highly popular songs. The rest, as they say, is history." Hacken continued to cooperate with TVB when he made a music special that starred himself, Gigi Leung, Cecilia Cheung, and Andy Lau that summer. At about this time, he finally had an official [before, he only really had fansites] website. His CD sales were high, fans were cheering for him everywhere he went-his popularity was at its peak. He won many awards for Victory, Tall Girl, and Can't Let Hands Go at the end of the year. Even with all his success, Hacken remained modest and did not agree with reporters who said he was the favorite to win the most coveted award for male Hong Kong singers-the JSG Most Popular Male Singer award.

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Biography - Page 5
(Information compiled by Kate. Written by Kate. If I made any mistakes, please correct me. Thanks! Go to the CONTACT page to see how to contact me.)

In January 2003, to the delight of fans and fellow singer friends, Hacken received the JSG Most Popular Male Singer award to thunderous applause and cheers! Hacken waited 17 years to win this award! Eric Tsang revealed afterwards that the other singers and he were planning on protesting right then if the award was not given to Hacken, who everyone thought truly deserved that award. Everyone already guessed that Hacken would win before the ceremony. But when Alan Tam came on-stage to present the award, everyone was completely sure. "Alan Tam Wing Lun personally presented him with the award, but also expressed that he has already found a successor in Hacken. He also transferred his father's advice to him in 85's award show "Win But Don't Be Proud" to Hacken and hoped that Hacken would continue to work hard. Hacken humbly said that he is not qualified to be Alan's successor, but [at least] the victory did not disappoint Alan's expectation in him. Hacken also honestly thanked TVB because over the years, during good and bad times, TVB has given him so many opportunities. At his worst at least he was able to host TVB Jade Solid Gold. He also thanked his [girlfriend], who he said might be so happy for him at home that [she is] crying." (source: Hong Kong Entertainment Review) Afterwards, reporters asked him why he did not cry when he won, since he had waited so long and worked so hard to finally get the award. He explained that he wanted to be able to thank everyone properly, so he tried not to cry [though his eyes were red and welled up with tears]. This was Hacken's message (translated by Carmen/Elaine? and Aiwah), which he posted the next day, at his official website:

11652. Hacken 1/6/03 10:02:42 PM
Thank you every friend that has supported me all along, no matter if you were there at the show or at home watching, without you all, I would not have got this big award that I wished I could have for the past 17 years. This year, I will work even harder. Also, hope I can get other awards. This year's award is the biggest and everyone can see it, I can share this with you. The concert has already arrived "on my doorstep", so..... I will try my best! :) :) :)

As many of you know, Hacken's success continued with his collaboration with Alan Tam for a Chinese New Year concert in Hong Kong (mentioned in his message above) at the start of 2003, called Left Lun, Right Lee (the phrase in Cantonese means "neighbors" or "friends"). Alan is his good friend and mentor, who he has also said is like a father to him--but because of Alan's playful personality, is more like a little brother to him. Since they are such good friends, their concert and song (by the same name), was extremely welcomed. But around March, Hong Kong had many SARS outbreaks, and Hacken and Alan had to postpone the second round of their concerts in April until later that year. From April until June, Hacken and many other artists, like everyone else in Hong Kong, spent most of their time in-doors to avoid being infected by SARS. Hacken's workload was drastically decreased (like most other artists), so he spent a lot of time playing mahjong with Alan and his other friends. During the month of May, Hacken, Alan and other big stars took part in the huge concert set up by Anita Mui to raise money for SARS victims, called the 1:99 All Star Charity Concert (1:99 being the bleach to water ratio that the Hong Kong people were instructed to use to mix up a solution used to disinfect their homes and themselves with), which included many famous artists, such as Andy Lau, Sammi Cheung, and Jacky Cheung. Hacken and Alan were quite popular and welcomed with a lot of applause, having one of the more popular performances that night. Hacken and other singers took part in various charity shows to raise money for SARS victims both during the time outbreaks were still going on and afterwards. By June 2003, the disease was finally contained in Hong Kong. Everyone could go about their business as usual again, no more masks and empty streets. Hacken soon became busy with work again.

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Biography - Page 6
(Information compiled by Kate. Written by Kate. If I made any mistakes, please correct me. Thanks! Go to the CONTACT page to see how to contact me.)

At the end of June, Hacken and Alan, as promised, continued their concerts that were postponed in April. The concerts were very successful, though they kept making fun of other Hong Kong celebrities. But Andy Lau (one of the people they made fun of) was not mad at them and even praised them for cheering up Hong Kong people with their jokes! He sent them a big floral arrangement that said: "I Lau Tak Wa sincerely show deep appreciation for the two superstars of Left Lun Right Lee, Lee Hark Kun and Tam Wing Lun! The content of the concert came from a place full of justice. The words were humorous and thought provoking. They brought joy to the public! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I do not mind what you have said at all. Please continue to say them every night!" (source: HK Top Ten) In August, Hacken and Alan had an overseas concert tour that also had great results, performing in the United States, Canada, and Australia. By the end of the year, Hacken once again received many awards at the various music awards shows. In January 2004, Hacken once again received the JSG Most Popular Male Singer award. He continued working with Alan on their second concert that would also take place during Chinese New Year, called Left Lun, Right Lee: Happy 2004. Though they were still very popular and their concert ticket sales and CD sales were great, they were not as popular as the year before, and some critics started saying that it was time for Hacken and Alan to go their separate ways before fans really got bored with them appearing and singing together all the time. Hacken and Alan agreed that they should not continue working together on concerts because Hacken needed to maintain his image as a solo singer. But they promised fans they would cooperate on projects every few years. At the end of 2003, Hacken was nominated for and received many awards. He even had a breakthrough when he won the Chik Chak award for My Favorite Male Singer (voted on by the audience at the awards show that night), Hacken never received any awards from that awards show before that year, never mind such a big award as that. Hacken was so happy, he stood up on his chair and jumped up and down! Yet, in the next two years, Hacken was not able to win that award.

In 2004, Hacken had good CD sales and remained popular, yet he still decided to film a movie instead of just focusing on releasing CDs. Hacken filmed a movie with five other men (among them, George Lam, Ekin Cheng, Andy Hui, and Chapman To), called Six Strong Guys, around April 2004, which was difficult at first for Hacken, because he was not used to filming overnight and having such a tight work schedule. Hacken talked about how he had to work in movies as well as sing to make enough money because the current Hong Kong CD sales were doing poorly because of illegal downloading on the internet. Hacken and other artists took part in several special shows or functions to remind the public to not download songs illegally. During April, Hacken's fan club was re-established, and Hacken had the first meeting with them during the month of June. Unluckily, at around the end of that summer, Hacken had a vocal chord problem because he was over-working himself (luckily at around summer of 2005, Joey Yung recommended an acupuncturist to Hacken that was able to cure his vocal chords, for which he was very grateful to "big sister" Joey for helping him out! =P Hacken and Joey collaborated successfully at the end of 2004 on a concert for 903 radio, which helped Hacken and Joey to get to know each other better.). At the end of the year, Hacken still received many awards. However, Hacken did not win the JSG Most Popular Male Singer award in January 2005, which would have tied him with Andy Lau for his record of winning the award 3 years in a row. Andy Lau won in 2005. Hacken was disappointed, but still very happy for his good friend. He promised fans that he (together, with his fans) would work even harder in 2005 to get the award next year.

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Biography - Page 7
(Information compiled by Kate. Written by Kate. If I made any mistakes, please correct me. Thanks! Go to the CONTACT page to see how to contact me.)

At around March 2005, Hacken and his old friend Joey Leung hosted a new TVB show called Minutes to Fame together. It got great ratings, and Hong Kong people enjoyed watching the funny show, where the hosts and celebrity guests often had fun teasing the contestants that could not sing or acted very strangely on the show. The show was so successful that Hacken agreed to do a second season, delaying the release of his Mandarin CD, which Universal did not allow him to work on until 2005. In May, Hacken went overseas for concerts once again, to the United States and Canada, also spending some time judging contestants for the Minutes to Fame show in Canada. During this year, there were a lot of rumors saying Hacken would soon marry Emily, all of which Hacken denied. His Mandarin CD was finally released at the end of July, and CD sales were great. At the end of the year, he was really happy to finally win some Mandarin music awards for his Mandarin song, Love Can Ask Whom. During September, Hacken managed to record all his coming CD's songs live in a school concert hall, resulting in a CD called Concert Hall, which sold very well. Hacken was the first Hong Kong singer to release his CD on a dual disc, which meant a single disc had a CD on one side and a DVD on the other side. By the end of 2005, Hacken received many award nominations and awards again (including some awards for Minutes to Fame, given by TVB), but he had a lot of competition from Eason Chan and Leo Ku. It was hard to guess who would win the JSG Most Popular Male Singer award in January 2006. But many people thought it would be Eason, since he made a strong comeback that year.

On January 15, 2006, Hacken won the big award for the third time, and the first person he hugged was Andy Lau (Andy Lau also hugged Hacken first when he won in 2005). Hacken was extremely happy and jumping up and down a lot! He even announced that he would get married this year and shouted out "Thank you, my wife!" Hacken had a solo concert during Chinese New Year again, four years after his last solo concert. He dyed his hair purple and spiked it up for the concert. He even brought his dog, Peanut, to the concert to demonstrate some tricks (because the new year is the year of the dog)! During April, Hacken, Alan, Gigi Leung, Jackie Chan, and other singers had the honor of taking part in singing a song, Olympic Beijing, which would be used to promote the 2008 Beijing Olympics. (source: HK Top Ten) This year is World Cup year again, so Hacken has been busy writing soccer blogs, recording songs for his upcoming CD, and being one of the sports commentators for TVB's sports show covering the 2006 World Cup championships ever since the World Cup began in June. Hacken's soccer song, "I'm Wearing #10", is very popular lately, and Hacken also wrote the lyrics to the song. Earlier this year, Hacken went to Japan on holiday like he usually does each year, with his girlfriend Emily. The most recent news about his wedding was that he already took wedding pictures with Emily in England. Also, Hacken himself said the wedding would probably have to take place after he releases his Concert Hall 2 CD. This could mean that Hacken won't have time to get married until at least this autumn. Hacken has said that he would like a low-key wedding many times before. However, he says it will not be as low-key as Eason Chan's (which was very low-key, with no press invited to take pictures or record the ceremony). After they get married, Hacken says he would love to have children as soon as possible because he does not want to have too big an age gap between him and his children. Also, Hacken, Alan, and Joey Leung spent the start of this year and the end of last year filming their movie, We Are Family. The movie was released at the June 1st and received mixed reviews. Nevertheless, many fans like the movie, and it seems quite successful in the Mainland and Hong Kong. Hacken is probably currently in Germany as I am writing this right now. He is there because he is a Carlsberg soccer ambassador and they sponsored him and some fans to go see a soccer game in Germany. Hacken said in his recent message that he would watch two matches, the Germany vs. Argentina (June 30) and the England (his favorite team) vs. Portugal (July 1) match. Now you are all caught up on Hacken's life (in general) and his most important achievements, from his birth to today, June 29th (in Hong Kong time, not my time (PST), because this is about Hacken's life, and he lives in Hong Kong, after all)! Welcome to the very big Hacken fans family! We live all over the world and wholeheartedly support Hacken! At this point, are you wondering why so many people like Hacken?

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Biography - Page 8
(Information compiled by Kate. Written by Kate. If I made any mistakes, please correct me. Thanks! Go to the CONTACT page to see how to contact me.)
Hacken is so popular both because he can sing well and he is a very likeable person. Everyone probably knows Hacken is a fantastic singer who has an amazing voice. [To read more about Hacken's good traits and why I like Hacken, go to the Forum, in the Fans section, and read the "=0) Why I'm Hacken's fan" article I wrote! Don't worry, it's not as long as this one! ;) ] But did you know that Hacken and Jacky Cheung are the only two Hong Kong singers that are highly respected when it comes to singing live? I have read that people compare Hacken and Jacky's live singing in this way: if Jacky's live singing was considered "perfect", then Hacken's would be considered "flawless". Hacken is also really nice to his fans, keeping in touch with fans often by posting messages telling fans what he's up to, or responding to fans' questions or comments at his official website. He has been posting messages to fans since around the year 2000. He also meets fans from his fan club whenever he can when he's overseas, especially in Singapore, which he has gone to a lot for concerts with Alan. Hacken is so popular partly because of his amazing voice, but also because of his great personality. He is very clever, charming, and has a great sense of humor--which makes him very likeable, a good host, and has made many famous celebrities like Eric Tsang, Andy Lau, and Nat Chan like him. So, even though some people say Hacken is only successful today because of Alan's and TVB's help, it requires a lot of talent and hard work on Hacken's part to bring him the success and fame he has today! Hacken's fan, Rou, points out that "During an interview [in 2003], Hacken pondered whether Eric and Nat liked him because Alan influenced all his friends to like Hacken. (Eric, Nat and Alan are an influential trio in HK, with the nickname Fu Luk Sou). So the reporter asked Nat for his response and Nat noted that he's a person not easy to get along with and so it's very hard for him to like a person, much less get influenced by others. He said he liked Hacken because [he liked him] from the bottom of his heart and not because of any other factors. Eric also said that Hacken is one who listens to advice and works on it. He noted that in spite of Alan helping Hacken, it ultimately boils down on Hacken himself to achieve success and Hacken did it." Hacken is a truly talented and exceptional artist! I am so happy and proud that he was able to overcome the obstacles in his life to be where he is today. I'm sure he will be a great father, too. Let's all wait and see when Hacken and Emily finally get married! I'm sure it will be a very joyous and big event, which a lot of people have been waiting for! We wish Hacken and Emily a very happy and loving marriage!!! :) We all wish Hacken continued success and many more years of making great music!

"Let the night's wind, gently breeze by
With gift of floral fragrance, as if blessing you and I
Let the night's stars, gently shine above
Shine on your dreams, dancing like wave blossoms"
(Lyrics from Hacken's inspirational song, Red Sun)

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[*** There are a lot of old interviews/news (including the ones I referred to in this Bio) here: Hacken Lee ID Blogspot, http://hackenleeid.blogspot.com/search?updated-min=2006-01-01T00%3A00%3A00-08%3A00&%20updated-max=2007-01-01T00%3A00%3A00-08%3A00&max-results=27 ***] (it's all IN THE 2006 ARCHIVE!)

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