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- "Thank you very much to Universal Company, thanks, all of u! I can't help to say some things--some people say that if a singer acts in a TVB series, he can get awards! But I have been in TV series for 8 years la, and I can't get any rewards!! Anyway, I will make more good songs for all fans! Thanks TVB, thanks to the people who like this song! ...Lastly, thanks Lee Sze Zone and Chan Siu Kei!!
(Carmen's explanation: LEE SZE Zone and Chan Siu Kei are the composers in Hacken's music company!!) (Hacken's thank you speech after he won a JSG award for his song, Flying Flowers, which was one of the 10 best songs for 2001. translated by Carmen)

-"After my concert series in 1995, I waited seven years before I took to the stage again. Honestly, I have to tell you that I'm really afraid to hold concerts. I remembered that back in 1995, there were a lot of empty seats. It was really hard to take. But, I told myself, even if there is only one person in the crowd, you still have to do your best!"

(Hacken said this 2 the audience on the last night of his concert series in 2002) [feb 19, 2002 news, source: ]

-"Are you kidding me? I would never turn down work. I'm already helping out with TVB's World Cup coverage -- aren't I? Who do you think I am? Alan Tam Wing-Lun."
(Hacken responding to rumours that he turned down filming a sequel for LEGAL ENTANGLEMENT because the World Cup was coming in June) [may 22, 2002, source: ]

-"If she is willing I would do anything. (Why not propose on stage?) My mind was a complete blank, but I will ask her at home. I called her, but she was crying so hard she couldn't say anything. I asked her to come but she said she was afraid that she would cry when she sees me win. She said she was more scared than I was."

(Hacken responding to reporters asking if he already thought of his girlfriend (Emily) as his wife after he mentioned her in his thank you speech when he finally won the JSG Most Popular Male Singer award) [1/7/2003 news, source: HK Top Ten Central: ]

-"Am I a leper? You hug him and not me, tomorrow's papers have their headlines."

(Hacken's joking about Eason only hugging Andy Hui after both Hacken and Andy had presented the award to Eason) [1/18/2003 news, source: HK Top Ten Central: ]

- "Hacken Lee Hark Kun earlier attended a radio interview with guest host Jan Lam Hoi Fung. He said he and his girlfriend are not in a hurry to marry because nothing can break them apart."

[not an exact quote, but I just thought it was a sweet thing 2 say! ;) ] [1/18/2003 news, source: HK Top Ten Central: ]

- "Hacken Lee Har Kun yesterday won a Top Ten Television Artist and a Well Rounded Artist award. He was excited because this award is different from music awards. He humbly said he does not deserve the Well Rounded Artist, especially when he still has to work hard on looks. He joked that his girlfriend should work hard on improving his image."

[3/28/2003 news, source: HK Top Ten Central: ]

- "That's ridiculous. They made us sound like a koala bear holding onto a branch. It's unfair to her. That day was her birthday, she definitely was happy."
[Hacken responding to newspapers making a big deal of Cecilia hugging Hacken backstage at the 1:99 concert, (5/29/2003) news, HK Top Ten Central: ]

- "The blood that flows in my body is TVB blood, it's red and sometimes blue and green, my TV at home is fixed on TVB, if TVB want me I would be happy to sign to them for life! Anyway, TVB's new terms are mainly to combat local TV stations where there is only ATV and Cable and just by looking at the ratings points, you should know to sign to TVB!"

[Hacken showing his support for TVB's new policy that reduces singers contracted with TVB's opportunities to appear on non-TVB shows, July 29, 2003 news, source: Aiwah's website, ]

- "If that is true, (I will) bring the magazine to Chan Siu Bo. Even at 20% off I will sign for ten years."

[Hacken responding to rumors that he is offered $11 million (for 2 yrs) if he continues his contract with Universal. Chan Siu Bo is the boss of Universal Southeast Asia, I think. (9/22/2003) news, source: HK Top Ten Central: ]

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- "Call me Brother Hacken! Don't call me Uncle Hacken! Save the 'uncle' for Ah Lun (Alan Tam)!"
[Hacken tells the Twins this while he's a guest at their concert, January 6, 2004 news, source:]

- " 'Your personal belongings must be strongly protected. You even have to handle your garbage well, to prevent write-ups [in the news].' Hacken says on the surface that entertainers are glamorous but everyone has their own hardships."

[Hacken responding to news that someone broke into Jessica Hsuan's house, which is right next to his house. News from , translated by fanz, posted at, news from February 2004]

- "Ekin never cared about how everyone else felt as long as he wasn't scared. He was doing dangerous moves all the time. I really wanted to kick him off."

[Hacken talking about filming a scene on the roof of a 48-story building 4 the movie Six Strong Guys. All the guys including Hacken were scared cuz it was so high up, but Ekin wasn't scared. Haha. 7/30/2004 news, source: HK Top Ten Central: ]

- "In the business I only lose to (Andy) Lau Tak Wa. If the Olympic Game has bowling, Wa Jai will definitely compete. All of the Olympic hunks will have to stand aside. I can't believe how poorly Ekin plays. Tell Gigi (Leung Wing Kei) to help him! He still isn't as bad as Ah Jat, who truly has zero athletic cell in him. All of my strikes were broken even with his gutter balls! Actually working with them has been very happy, unlike music where the competition is fierce."

[Hacken talking about playing bowling w/the guys that were in the Six Strong Guys movie. (8/30/2004) news, source: HK Top Ten Central: ]

- "That's silly, we drew straws. Or perhaps we look at who has the most wrinkles and who is the oldest. They know I can't stand for too long. This doesn't mean anything. (Do you feel you are handsome?) This is a mystery. I don't dare to agree. Everyone else here is handsome. Actually TVB arranged for the clothing and the positioning."

[Hacken responding to reporters saying TVB treating Hacken as the "big brother" and letting him be at the center of the All About Men CD cover picture. (4/12/2005) news, source: HK Top Ten Central:]

- "I rarely wear costumes aside from playing the early republic Leung Foon. Ten years ago I seemed to have played Sai Moon Chui Shuet, which scared even me."

[(4/29/2005) news, source: HK Top Ten Central:]

- "Hacken Lee will have some tenpin bowling scenes in his new movie "Luk Jong Si" (Six Braves) and he tells of his achievements in bowling. He says that when he was hosting a show many years ago, he played a game against the Hong Kong Olympic representative Che Kuk Hung and he beat her in one round, Hacken laughs: 'From that day on I retired because how many people can say they beat an Olympic athlete!'"

[May 24, 2004 news, credit: Aiwah's TVBSpace News Roundup:]

- "As for his head injury, Hacken said, 'It's OK, but I can't scratch it. My hair covers up the scar. When I am 50 I may see it. The dog seems to feel very guilty.'"
[Hacken's head was injured when his dog accidentally knocked over a bag of golf clubs from upstairs that hit Hacken's head cuz he was standing below. ((8/13/2004) news, source: HK Top Ten Central:]

- "In the TVB AIDS charity show, TVB 'godson' Hacken Lee's usual top spot was stolen by Sheren Tang, so he was asked if he was jealous about this. However, Hacken did not seem too bothered as he laughed: 'Don't say it like that. You keep calling me 'godson', but I just believe that the more you sow the more you reap and I will not let go of any opportunity to perform. I was invited as a special guest for this event, so I am already very happy. Actually I don't put much emphasis on the order of appearance and feel we should really look at the whole picture.'"

[18/10/04 news, credit: Aiwah's TVBSpace News Roundup:]

- "Hacken reveals that he will soon be singing another theme tune for TVB: 'It is a rare opportunity, but it's all up to TVB. I will tell all my friends not to watch any other channel and all three TV's in my house are all tuned into TVB.' Talking of Leo roping in the help of Hacken's good friend Vivian Chow, Hacken says: 'Vivian has more than just me as a friends, maybe next time I will ask Joe Ngai to help me!' "
[29/10/04 news, credit: Aiwah's TVBSpace News Roundup:]

- "Alan Tam just crowned Hacken, Edmund, Andy Hui and Leo Ku as the New Four Heavenly Kings. Hacken doesn't think this competitive spirit will hurt his friendship with the other 'Kings': 'Edmund, Andy and I are great soccer buddies. When Leo didn't have to work in China, we used to be mahjong buddies. There are no hard feelings among us.'"
[nov 4, 2004 news, credit:]

- "RTHK asked each singer to write the name of the person they thank most for their musical success on a heart-shaped card. Most singers named their record label boss or their parents, but Hacken didn't name any record execs. 'I didn't write Hung Tik or Simon (Universal Music executive). Looks like I won't have an album next year. I wrote Principal's name. Lucky he has some pull.'"
[November 12, 2004 news, credit:]

- "On a radio interview yesterday, Hacken Lee explained that ever since Alan Tam announced Hacken was getting married, paparazzi have been bothering him nonstop. Two nights ago, Hacken almost hit some of them by car when they flew out of nowhere to snap photos. Hacken told girlfriend Lo Suk Yee that she can't wear loose clothing (fearing it will prompt tabloids to speculate she's pregnant) or wear a blackened expression in public and to maintain smiling at all times. He ended by telling her, 'To be in the entertainment circle, you deserve to be thirsty if you're eating salty fish' to which Lo replied, 'Only you're in this business, what's this got to do with me?'"
[November 16, 2004 news, credit:]

- "Lee Hark Kun has been watching WAR AND BEAUTY (GUM JI YUK YIP) and his acting bug is biting. Earlier he and TVB have been negotiating a television series but it fell through due to scheduling conflict. 'Singers at the end of the year are at war and are more sensitive than other times. Finally I didn't take the role.'"
[(10/5/2004) news, source: HK Top Ten Central: ]

- "...although [I] have won [the JSG Most Popular Male Singer award] but have to be more careful and work harder. Recently I cut all of my entertainment. Wa Jai asked me to bowl and I turned him down. I am in bed by midnight to be in my best shape. When I win I want to win at peace and when I lose I want to lose without regret."
[(10/13/2004) news, source: HK Top Ten Central: ]

- "Hacken said about his position in the poster, 'It's a dice roll arrangement! Even volleyball has different positions!' Hacken also said that he hopes Eason Chan Yik Shun will join Universal. 'Then it will be like a zoo. The stronger the company the more it can fight off competition.'
[Hacken got to be in the center of the UMG poster full of UMG singers. (10/28/2004) news, source: HK Top Ten Central:]

- "Hacken however felt, 'I instead feel right now we are like a couple that just feels the electricity. Hopefully when we get on stage we will be at hand holding.' [Hacken describing how it needs to feel (their partnership) to successfully work with Joey Yung on a concert, (11/6/2004) news, source: HK Top Ten Central:]

- "Hacken joked, 'Congratulations to Eason on becoming Universal's money tree. We can be shaken together. Right now tigers are already extinct. Our types are different. On Jai and I are idols, you are substance.'"

[Hacken's taped message to Eason when he joined the UMG company. (11/6/2004) news, source: HK Top Ten Central:]

- "When asked whether he will get married after the concert, Hacken said, 'Never read Hong Kong magazines. Right now we are still considering it. When we consider to December 31 we will officially think about it.' Alan said, 'Actually the wedding can be said as in preparation.' Hacken said, 'I have been preparing for it since I was little.'"

[(11/10/2004) news, source: HK Top Ten Central:]

- "When Hacken saw fans keep giving flowers and gifts to Joey he pretended to be jealous. 'Give me a batch!' Finally a male fan brought a fruit basket to him. Hacken said, 'From now on our fans will merge together.'"
[Hacken and Joey Yung at their joint concert, (11/20/2004) news, source: HK Top Ten Central:]

- "As for rumors of dispute between Andy Hui Chi On and Leo Ku Kui Ke, Hacken said, 'I don't believe it, but I don't understand why On Jai is always linked to disputes with others. Maybe because he is always wearing sunglasses, no one cen see his friendly eyes. I have always been Mr. Congeniality. Maybe On Jai should wear shades that are not as dark.'"
[(11/22/2004) news, source: HK Top Ten Central:]

- "Later Joey and Hacken will work on the music video. Joey suggested a costume shoot for the result that Hacken was looking for but Hacken objected. 'No, my costume look is grotesque and terrifying.'"
[(12/1/2004) news, source: HK Top Ten Central:]

- "As for Beyond's criticism that the New Four Great Heavenly Kings could not live up to the title, Hacken said, 'They were so extreme, I thought I have insulted them. Later I realized that they actually praised me so I wasn't as scared. I am a wild card singer. Back then during the Four Great Heavenly Kings I was called the Fifth Great Heavenly King. In this generation I am a part of the New Four Great Heavenly Kings. I hope next generation I will be a part as well.'"
[(12/1/2004) news, source: HK Top Ten Central:]

- "Hacken expressed that fulfilling some sick children's wishes feel very joyous. Several years ago a seriously ill child hoped to meet him and through a social worker's arrangement he brought him to the soccer field to watch him play. Hacken also secretly taped his concert from five years ago for the child. However soon he received the news of the child's passing. Although he was sad he has brought him joy and felt very comforted. He felt health is the most important. He sighed, 'In recent years aside from friends in the business some family and friends have also passed away.' He would like to take a long vacation. 'I feel that I am very tense. Earlier my vocal cord had problems so I really want a physical examination.'"
[(12/4/2004) news, source: HK Top Ten Central:]

- "Hacken Lee Hark Kun yesterday attended a birthday party with 300 fans, who celebrated his 37th birthday today in advance. Originally Hacken thought about postponing it so he could attend James Wong Jim's memorial event. 'I wasn't worried about the taboo of attending a memorial on my birthday. I was worried that people didn't like me attending. I have thought about the overseas fans so I didn't postpone it. I just passed by the stadium and realized that many people are going to the Uncle Jim memorial. I don't know when I go whether I will have so many people remembering me. So now I have to sing more good songs.'"
[(12/6/2004) news, source: HK Top Ten Central:]

- "Hacken Lee Hark Kun after the press conference had a cake presented to him for his birthday. Hacken was very surprised, 'TVB just reminded me that I spent my birthday at work and I can't be lazy.'"
[(12/7/2004) news, source: HK Top Ten Central:]

- "Andy Lau Tak Wa has expressed that he wanted Hacken to win the Most Popular Male Singer award three times like him. Hacken said, 'I am afraid of losing to Wa Jai. Last year I wore white when I won, this year Wa Jai wore white and won the Golden Horse Best Actor. I think this year I will wear white too, I might as well borrow Wa Jai's.'"
[(12/7/2004) news, source: HK Top Ten Central:]

- "Out of his four nominated songs he [Hacken] only voted for the two better ones. As for the Year's Most Improved Award he voted for Leo Ku Kui Ke. Hacken felt that picking ten out of 110 songs was enough, but during the Four Great Heavenly King era it was not because they already took up seven songs. With Faye Wong the competition was for the last two spots. 'Now I am more nervous at the award shows, in the past I knew a month ahead. During the acceptance I couldn't make the nervous expression. Now not knowing is better, but if I don't win the expression from disappointment to applause is very hard to do. Disappointment is a natural reaction. I have seen many who want to pretend but can't.'"
[(12/14/2004) news, source: HK Top Ten Central:]

- "There are suggestions that Hacken can try for the 'newcomer' award next year with his new Mandarin album and he laughs: 'I have already won that and it is my only Mandarin song award. I remember I was in the industry for ten years before I got the chance to record a Mandarin album and at the time I won a newcomers award in Singapore with this and was presented with my award from Faye Wong, who made fun of me.' Hacken jokes that when he releases his album next year, he will challenge Andy and work towards the title of 'Most Popular Male Singer in Asia'."
[dec. 18, 2004 news, credit:]


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-"Hacken laughs that maybe Ms Lok is here to support him! He says that he has too much work and if his family attends everything, then they will be very busy."
[This is Hacken's reply to reporters asking him that since Ms. Lok (a TVB executive) attended the Lady Iron Chef movie premiere to support Charmaine, has he asked his wife Emily to come and support him too? MARCH 8,2007 news. source: Em's TVBSpace News Roundup,]

-"To make people feel that you're arrogant, all you might have to do is to make one comment. However, to erase these comments and the impression you've made, you need 10 years."

[from Hacken's Be My Guest interview, July 2006, translated by Hianez]

-When a fan handed him flowers from below, she called him handsome. Hacken said "Of course!" And the audience prompted him to kiss the fan! Hacken, who wanted to avoid embarrassment, quickly turned to his wits and said "Have you all asked her if she wants to?"

[this exchange went on at Hacken's solo Malaysia concert on July 28, 2007, translated by Hianez]

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