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HLID stuff, part 8: HLID's stats and Hacken's messages from 2000-2004

AS OF JAN. 28, 2011,
HLID HAS HAD 13,994 HITS, since it was launched on oct. 15, 2006!
and our HLID fansite and HLID news blogspot shows up on the 2nd google search page if u search for "hacken lee". ^__^


Current Country Totals
From 21 Aug 2010 to 27 Jan 2011

United States (US) 188
Malaysia (MY) 67
Canada (CA) 57
Hong Kong (HK) 56
Singapore (SG) 35
Australia (AU) 34
United Kingdom (GB) 22
Netherlands (NL) 13
New Zealand (NZ) 8
France (FR) 7
Belgium (BE) 5
China (CN) 5
Germany (DE) 4
Taiwan (TW) 4
Indonesia (ID) 4
Japan (JP) 3
Thailand (TH) 2
Philippines (PH) 2
Korea, Republic of (KR) 2
Spain (ES) 2
Vietnam (VN) 2
Norway (NO) 1
Sweden (SE) 1
Denmark (DK) 1
South Africa (ZA) 1
Bulgaria (BG) 1
United Arab Emirates (AE) 1
Jamaica (JM) 1
Guadeloupe (GP) 1
Turkey (TR) 1
Saudi Arabia (SA) 1
India (IN) 1


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2004 Messages
[source: Hacken's official website:]

Posted By: Maggie
8412. ?? 2004-01-01 16:34:47

Very happy, very excited, really didn't think I would receive any awards!

Truly thank all the fans for their votes, and of everyone who is happy for guys!!!!!!

[Hacken was really happy that he won some the "Best Male Singer" awards & some awards at the Chik Chak (903 radio) Awards Show!]

....... Posted By: Gillian
9486. ?? 2004-01-11 11:59:13

Good Morning! I suppose everyone was very happy last night right! So was I!

I have received many awards which have made me very happy this year from the 4 award shows. Some which I didn't even think I would get. It was definitely a good year for me.

However, everyone must not forget that awards are only a form of encouragement. Every singer who receives an award has put in their effort and hard work. It is unnecessary to compare between singers, and to speculate who should have gotten/ not gotten the award. After all, the most important thing is one should feel happy when one's hard work is recognized, my receiving an award! :)

For example, I like Manchester United a lot and hope that they will be champions every year. However, I will also feel that Arsenal played good matches, Liverpool has good defense and Chelsea has many good soccer players to look out for.... Everyone understand what I'm saying?

Lastly, I would like to thank everyone again for your support. I will continue to work hard!

[Many fans were upset because Hacken didn't win many awards, especially none for his duets that year.]

............. Posted By: rou
11003. ?? 2004-02-01 18:30:00

Rarely do i have a day off, spent the whole day at home.
There's still the final "Left Lun, Right Lee" concert, and I'm beginning to feel a little bit sad (don't want the concert to end), because the next time we pair up again, it'll probably be in a few years time!
After finishing tomorrow's show, I will go on a holiday, and return in mid-February. On the 22nd, I will be performing at a charity concert, and early March, I will follow TVB to do a show at Vancouver, so I will get to see Canada's fans.
Those fans who turn up tomorrow can scream louder, it'll be recorded! See ya tomorrow night :)
(show, TVB, fans)

................. Posted By: Gillian
18529. ?? 2004-08-04 11:18:16

I'm ok, can take out the stitches in another 2 days. Can wash hair already, everyone, pls do not worry. Instead, my flu still has not cleared. My voice is still a bit hoarse. I had trouble singing at last week's concert at Shen Zhen but the concert on 7th Aug shouldn't be a problem. Thank you everyone for your concern.

Will be on Jade Solid Gold tonight. Will wear a hat and sing Goodbye Kiss Position, Will also include a clip of Gigi (Not too sure abt this part)

I will also appear on the Ms Hong Kong pageant on the 13th Aug but will only sing some old songs.

[Hacken was injured when his dog pushed a golf club off the 2nd floor of his house, which hit Hacken on the head.]

.............. Posted By: Gillian
19089. ?? 2004-08-15 16:30:06

The 3rd song plugged will most probably be "Slam Door". Actually we have to consider a lot of factors when choosing the song to plug. For example, the 1st and 2nd song were all slow songs. If the 3rd song is also slow, it might give people a feeling that there are not too many changes. Also, there is the type of song that we will plug from the next album and that there should be something fresh to it. Also, the number of times a radio station will play it, and the possibility of recording a fast song in future. Thank you everyone for your opinions. I also like ' The Morning before the End of the World', but Universal is a big company. What you all have thought of, they would also have thought about it as well. Please do not worry!

My flu still hasn't cleared, but work has not stopped. I also have no choice....... :(


2004 Messages
[source: Hacken's official website:]
Posted By: Jane
19909. ?? 2004-09-01 00:15:29

Just finished watching Andy Lau's concert, very exciting, on the 3rd, will go as a guest performer. The 4th plugged song? Very sorry, but there shouldn't be one, 'Slam Door' will be competing on the charts until end of September, then right after that will have a newplug, lyricist is Peter Kam, its very touching and very K (karaoke style), probably around the 20th will be able to hear it. Windpipe allergy... very severe... affecting my performance... have seen both American and Chinese doctors... have no cure... very sad!
(Peter Kam)

............... Posted By: Jane
20265. ?? 2004-09-07 23:34:16

Windpipe Allergy is still not over yet, that's why very difficult when singing, especially the line........... "no idea!" hope I will get better soon!
Today was suppose to sing 'Slam Door', dancers were ready too, but a week ago, 'Jung Fong' [the show where they welcome the olympic athletes (?)] requested that I sing Red Sun and one slow song, so that's it changed to 'Red Sun' + 'Kiss Goodbye'"

............ Posted By: Gillian
22794. ?? 2004-10-26 16:22:21

I know the support you all have given me. Hacken's fans are polite and united, I'm also aware of that. These 2 months, let us all work hard together!
Later I'll be doing a show and of course I'll be singing 'flying acrobat'!
(fans, show)
[Hacken is responding to the problem of many posts at the guestbook comparing him & other singers' chances of winning awards or fans bad-mouthing other singers.]

............. Posted By: jess
24971. Hacken 2004-12-04 11:51:04

so it is not 38 (his age on his coming birthday)? Last night i said it without seriously calculating it. so it is 37! perhaps i have been saying 23 too often! (Hacken always jokes that he's only 23, cuz Alan is always saying he's only 25.)

tomorrow's fan gathering, i intend to let everyone listen to songs which have not been released to see the response, for 2nd plug also fine. so please be early!

afterwards, i will be busy recording the new songs and attend a "gang tai lu" 10-parter series. in the series will also be 'lee hsiang qin" (a veteran actress) who will act as my mum. definitely funny!
(2nd plug)
[kggy's explanation of "gang tai lu": "gang tai " is a HK radio station, RTHK. "lu" is record. So "gang tai lu" is ... go to RTHK record ........]

............. Posted By: stephanie
6450. Hacken 2004-12-22 23:18:17

"Festival" = 2nd plug. but I like "Divine Land Line" more!
(but I like, more)
[ hyn5's explanation: Hacken said his next plugged song off of "Acrobats" CD will be "Festival," which is track 4. He, however, likes "Divine Land Line" (literally translated) more, which sounds like Hacken's previous fast songs, and is the fifth track on his new album.]


2003 Messages
[source: Hacken's official website:]
[translated by Carmen or Elaine? and Em. this is the message Hacken wrote after he won the JSG Most Popular Male Singer award in 2003! =P ]
11652. Hacken 1/6/03 10:02:42 PM

Thank you every friend that has supported me all along, no matter if you were there at the show or at home watching, without you all, I would not have got this big award that I wished I could have for the past 17 years. This year, I will work even harder. Also, hope I can get other awards. This year's award is the biggest and everyone can see it, I can share this with you. The concert has already arrived "on my doorstep", so..... I will try my best! :) :) :)

25416. 4/13/03 1:23:39 AM

I know Wyman is good, but he needs long long time to write 1 song!!!!!!

[*hacken wrote this message in eng]


25406. 4/13/03 1:58:41 AM

I also like "Red sun" and "Ming Yun Fu Hao"!
[hacken wrote this message (except the titles of the songs) in eng]


25416. 4/13/03 2:08:37 AM

I'm waiting to c Tiger Woods at 3
[*hacken wrote this message in eng]


25441. 4/13/03 2:42:42 AM

Bye now, goodnight everyone!
[*hacken wrote this message in eng]

[in 2003, when HK ppl were advised 2 stay indoors most of the time, hacken had some jobs canceled or something & had some free time and chatted online w/fans 4 a while. He wrote these messages all in eng., which he rarely does, except when overseas.]


34222. 8/13/03 11:49:03 PM

Now still in Las Vegas, will movie to Vancouver tonight. Don't worry, everything is alright!
[*hacken wrote this message in eng]


34567. 8/19/03 2:35:53 PM

Play golf in Vancouver today, looking forward to c all Vancouver fans tomorrow!
[*hacken wrote this message in eng]


34676. 8/22/03 12:09:46 AM

Just wake up, wait 4 the show tonight! All Toronto fans pls tell me what u feel after the show!
[*hacken wrote this message in eng]


35210. 8/31/03 11:54:08 PM

No recording on any Part II concert! So NO Part II vcd will be released, 4 sure!
[*hacken wrote this message in eng]

........... [translated by Stephanie]
5603. Hacken 2003-12-02 20:26:19

This time I'm really down with sickness. Chinese and Western medicine or herbal medicine or injection didn't help. Slept for 3 days, feeling dizzy and feverish, it's really terrible!

Can't go to Malaysia and would like to apologize to all Malaysian fans. I know some of you were waiting as early as 8 or 9 o'clock for me but eventually didn't get to see me. You must be very disappointed. Hope that by month end when I go for the concert, I can have another autograph signing session and take photographs with you. And most present a 200% satisfactory concert for all of you!

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2002-01 Messages
[source: Hacken's official website:]
[translated by Aiwah]
??: 2001-06-10 02:52:23 ?? ( no email / no homepage) ??:

How is everyone? Thank you for your continued support and comments, I have been visiting here often and seeing it always so busy here, it makes me very excited, however, as I am a Stareast person, I don't leave many messages, please forgive me! I would like to thank the webmaster Ah Yee ---- someone I don't see often, but have known for a long time, a fan and an old friend. Keep on working hard and 'add oil'!
(stareast, fans)

............. [translated by Aiwah]
1557 ??: 2001-07-24 04:18:25 ?? ( no email / no homepage) ??:

Have just returned from Atlantic City, where I stayed for no longer than 30 hours! Today I have to film the TVB music video for "Forward Backward Feet", the last one was for karaoke, talking of which, the story made up for the last one by Oriental (a newspaper) was disgusting, so annoying!
(TVB, mtv, K)

[Hacken must have been angry at a newspaper making up some kind of bad story about him.]

............... [translated by Carmen]
2636 ??: 2001-12-25 03:47:55

Merry christmas!Thanks for booking for the concert tickets and I will announce to add 2 more concert in the 27th Bec press conference. In the poster, there are some songs,I will only sing part of it,not whole of them!

....................... [translated and summarized by Elaine and Carmen]
3043 ??: 2002-01-17 13:07:16

First of all, he thanks everybody for buying the concert tickets! He will add one more concert on the 17/2 in the daytime!So,there are two concerts on the same day!!He said he will announce it on the 22/1 to the media. He asked his fans not to worry about him about 2 concerts in a day,he can handle it,like the concert in 1993,there were two concert in the same day!!! He say he is very surprised that the fans are very interested in the side track!

........................ [translated by Aiwah]
4581 ??: 2002-05-11 03:27:29 ?? ( no email / no homepage) ??:

It has been a while since I left a message, how is everyone? I have been very busy recently, working on my new album. 'Victory' has been sent to the stations, this is a very fast song and it is hard to sing, so you can all try it out at karaoke. :) The new album incorporates many surprising sparks, working with Li Chuan and Gigi Leung. Also...... as well as watching the World Cup, go and buy a copy! ****** Support England and China!
(victory, k)

...................................... [translated and summarized by Elaine]
4809 ??: 2002-06-26 05:31:23

He says: I haven't been here for a long time. How is everyone. I am busy this day. everyone can see that from watching tv. World cup is almost over.......(i dont know some of what he say) He finish filming a programme and it will air on July 20...He really likes the songs Tall GIrl and Love Sick from his new album (track 2, 3)..He feels bad that England lost. Can try again two years later.

[Elaine notes: Hacken make a mistake. It should be 4 years later. ^.^]

................................. [translated by Carmen]
5221 ??: 2002-08-18 05:04:48

The concert on the 31/8 will not be released on VCD,there will be 3 guests,2 girls and 1 boy and I don't think all of u can guess who! I am working on my offical website,it will re-open within the next 2 weeks, the website is ..........will tell all of u later!

................................ [translated by either Carmen or Elaine, additional translation by Gaga]
#4740, September 20, 9:40am

Thank you! I will work harder! Also, from now on, I will write a journal in a magazine,and tomorow will go to Hoi Kong Sing Film [.....something.....] and it will be shown on a big tv [outdoors, at the mall]! (Actually, it's now showing my MV [Love Hand] there.)

[Hacken filmed a very short Christmas movie with Cherie that was shown at a big screen TV outside a mall.]

Message #6239: 12/10/02 (Dec. 10, 2002) 10:53:51 PM

No mp3 la!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[**Hacken wrote this in English**. He must have been responding to somebody asking where to download his songs! =P]

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