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HLID stuff, Part 7: hacken's messages from 2005

2005 Messages
[source: Hacken's official website:]

Posted By: Gillian
28063. Hacken 2005-01-03 13:09:50

Happy New Year, good health to everyone!

Actually I've been coming online to the post board to read all your messages. Recently, I discovered that everyone seem to have some comments and suggestions towards the award ceremonies which are all very similar.

Echoing each other is a good thing but I also hope that everyone will be like me and respect the results and the way the awards are calculated at each ceremony. Those who support me can vote aggressively. If you all feel that it is not enough, you can always ask your family, friends, relatives and neighbours to vote too. Immediately! Haha!

....... Posted By: Jane
28365. ¿ËÇÚ 2005-01-05 23:11:29

"Just finished filming "Festival" 's Karaoke version MV, TVB's version will be filmed next week. Tomorrow will be heading out to KL (Kuala Lumpar??), hopefully this time will be successful and smooth! Hong Kong fans, remember to vote! see you on the 8th!!"
(K, MV, TVB, KL)

......... Posted By: lily
29439. ¿ËÇÚ 2005-01-09 22:09:12

Thank you for everyone's support, especially the fans who went to hung kwun yesterday. I could see and hear all of your support. Contests will always consist of winning and losing and sadly, this year we aren't victorious but losing doesn't mean that we didn't work hard or did well! Perhaps our competition did better than we did or was able to take advantage of every chance. Don't be disapointed, saying that it wasn't fair won't make things better. The most important thing is to learn from this experience, continue to work hard - fate is in our own hands!
Sincere congratulations to Andy Lau, he deserved it but this year we'll show him our hard work! I would like to thank all of you once again, having your support makes me very proud!

................ Posted By: Jane
29623. �Ž<Î 2005-01-10 22:03:48

"Tomorrow at 1330, will go to 'Gum Jung's Man Ho Hotel' Roadshow's award ceremony, on Thursday will film TVB's MV version of 'Festival'."
(1330, Roadshow, TVB, mv)

................ Posted By: Jane
30537. ¿ËÇÚ 2005-01-20 02:00:28

"This evening I am very happy, once again, Thank You everyone who supports me. All the award ceremonies are over, in the awards there is happiness, disappointment, surprises, helplessness, and I think you guys share the same feelings as me, year 2005 let us continue our hard work together!"

................ Posted By: Jane
30859. �ŽÎ 2005-01-24 12:19:09

"Yesterday was supposed to go the prepartion for the show (Hong Kong's version of American Idol), but since I had to go to Guang Dung Station's function so I couldn't go, missed a happy opportunity! The show will be opened on the 2nd, right now is coming up with the theme song, at that time, it should be very fun."

.............. Posted By: Jane
31261. §J¶Ô 2005-02-01 11:08:12

"Just came back from Tokyo shopping, spent lots of money, bought a lot of things! Tomorrow will be the show opening (the HK version of American Idol), will film 2 shows consecutively, half way thru, will also do the Jade Star Showbiz live"
(shopping, live)


31383. ?? 2005-02-03 23:06:43

Tomorrow 1000 Vani CR2

[* hacken wrote this in English] [meaning he's gonna be interviewed by this radio station at 10am, I think]

.................. Posted By: Jane
31855. ?? 2005-02-13 23:03:02

"Happy New Year! these few days had no work, it was so relaxing, new year festivities are not too bad! the 15th will resume my work schedule, what do you guys think about the show, 'American Idol'? the second episode was much smoother, the 16th will record the 3rd episode, at the same time will also start working on the mandarin CD, also the cantonese CD, and 'Maan Luen' (Manchester Song) songs, etc.......

2 to 0.... Awesome!! should have changed to 'Git Si'! (?? assuming this was something to do with soccer?)

[explanation by mel: I think he meant the player called Ryan Giggs.]

................. Posted By: Jane
32312. ?? 2005-02-22 21:20:02

"These few days started with recording for my mandarin album and my cantonese album, 26th will go to Beijing for a show, 27th will be back to the show JSG and be a guest for Andy Hui."

.......... Posted By: Jane
32848. ?? 2005-03-05 21:53:56

"This past week, have been recording the mandarin songs, therefore I won't be at the audition tomorrow, but if everyone has interest in 'Minutes to Fame', you should go take a look, it should be very entertaining!"

................ Posted By: Aiwah
33045. 2005-03-09 23:24:47

To all my overseas fans, "Alan and Hacken Concert" will be coming to the following places in May: 7/5 Las Vegas, 11/5 Toronto, 14/5 Vancouver, 21/5 Tianjun, 28/5 Chongqing

The Manchester United song is currently in production, it will be composed by Fai Yeung, I will write the lyrics and there will be a Mandarin version. I will be filming the MV at Old Trafford in mid-April.

Today, I filmed two episodes of "Minute of Fame", one with Nancy Sit and the other with Joey. Tomorrow night it will be Leo's turn to be guest and I have heard it will be a good show. Are there any fans who will be there tomorrow to watch?
(fans, Las Vegas, Toronto, Vancouver, mv)

[explanations and corrections: By Aiwah: Old Trafford is a football (soccer?) stadium where Manchester United plays/ By Rou: Tmr is not Leo's turn to be guest but rather, the opposite. Hacken will be the guest performer at Leo's concert.]

.................. Posted By: Jane
33484. ?? 2005-03-19 13:34:25

"Tonight will appear in many different parts, there is song requests, there is charity version of 'One Minute to Fame', and of course will sing 'Dai Si Doi'!
Thank You to all Singapore fans for your support, also the gifts and red envelopes! but Alan and I really don't know how the expensive/cheaper ticket's seating, and it's a four-sided stage, finding the direction around the stage is quite difficult, we also made a few mistakes with the stage coordination!
Next time when we come, we will pay more attention!"
(part, Alan)

................ Posted By: Jane
33742. ?? 2005-03-24 20:34:48

"Tomorrow will be going to GuangZhou to film 'Kwun Ho' (??) its for this year's commercial, later will also have to go there for to film TVC. As for Sunday's HK Film Award, I will sing 'Disc Change' (diep bin) (??)" ["disc change" is his new mandarin song]

.............. Posted By: Jane
33971. ?? 2005-03-31 11:53:16

"Today took photos for 'TVB Drama Theme Songs' cover, actually there were other singers doing the photo shoot, such as Eason, Ekin, and other TVB Actors/Actresses.
On Saturday I will go to the 'One Minute to Fame' trials, for those who may be interested, you can go to 'Lok Fu' to see, the atmosphere is not bad.
There won't be a 4th hit, after 'Big Century' (dai si doi) it should be hitting the mandarin songs."
(cover, Eason, Ekin, TVB)


2005 Messages
[source: Hacken's official website:]
Posted By: Jane
34245. ?? 2005-04-09 09:36:56

"These few days have been recording the mandarin songs, almost finished 50% of it, I think it will still require a little more time. last nite saw ??? (someone's) show, very funny, those who want to laugh wholeheartedly should go see the show, heard that it will have more shows in May."

[ Em's explanation of the show he watched: He went to see a show by Jim Chim (Chim Sui Man), who is a hilarious stand-up comedian in HK and also a regular on the movie screen. He put on a series of stand-up shows lately. ]

................ Posted By: Jane
34523. ?? 2005-04-17 23:27:24

"Supposedly tonight can't watch Manchester, but luckily the Sprite music awards was postponed to tomorrow night! 4:1, Awesome!
As for 'Big Century' (dai si doi) MV, I will definitely try my best to get it from the company. GuangZhou's fans, see you tomorrow night!!"
(mv, Fans)

.............. Posted By: Gillian
34764. ?? 2005-04-23 12:07:42

Will be going to record the themesong for 'Yi Dao' (The Korean TV series) today. At night will be going up to Fo Shan (a place) for a 'show'. Fans in China, Minutes to fame (or the Cruelest Bell) will be holding an event in Guang Zhou in the near future. You all must remember to come ar!
(show, fans)

.............. Posted By: Jane
34829. ?? 2005-04-25 14:39:53

"Tin Juen Concert's Press Conference have been cancelled, it's not due to 'Cure Techniques' theme song, just that there is something happening with the sponsor company, all Tin Juen's fans, please pay close attention for any other updates"

............ Posted By: Maggie
35256. ?? 2005-05-08 23:22:11

"Now it's 8 in the morning on the West Coast. Last night's show in LV went smoothly, the audience were very enthusiastic (warm), which I enjoyed!

The only imperfection is the jetlag, everyday I can only sleep off and on, hope that it will become better soon.

"Festival" is elected into the finals (I believe for the JSG seasonal award?!), thanks to everyone who voted ! "
( LV, enjoy)

................... Posted By: Jane
35339. ?? 2005-05-11 22:57:48

"Right now is 11 in the morning at Toronto, yesterday afternoon's 'Minute to Fame' trials was very fun, participants were really talented, aging from 3 to 84 years old! There was a grandpa who was 80 years old who went on stage to perform (??), really awesome!!

Tonight's concert, Toronto fans should put in some effort and be more engaged! See you tonight!"

........................ Posted By: lily
35878. ?? 2005-05-30 11:37:30

Lately I've been flying around a lot so I haven't had a chance to leave a message but I do check the site every day and am able to read your comments promptly. We've decided that "Love Can Ask Whom" will be the first radio release so everyone in their respective countries should be able to hear it on their radio stations soon. Also, I really like the mandarin version of "I Cannot Sing," felt that it is even better than the cantonese version. The chungking show was very touching, the fans were very passionate, perhaps because it was the last show. Hopefully there will be more opportunities in the future, but some fans had some comments on the sound system, correct? In August at Alan Tam's concert, I will definitely be a guest!

On June 11 there will be a mini show in guangzhou, on the 12th I'll fly to beijing for the first round of mandarin album awards. On the 18th is KL's show (anti-drug concert), the 25th is in macau, 26th will be an olympics show in beijing, and of course I will stay in beijing to promote the new album. on the 29th i will be in shanghai and on the 30th i will return to hong kong to do a radio show with gigi, chan yuan zi (newcomer?), and hins cheung.
(show, concert, mini show, show, show, HK, Gigi, show)

.......... Posted By: Jane
35976. ?? 2005-06-01 09:56:19

"All Overseas fans, don't need to worry, June is just starting, later will be going to other places to do promotion, especially overseas, one mandarin album's promotion time can be as long as one year. the function for Miss HK will be broadcasted tonight."

............ Posted By: muic
36445. ?? 2005-06-14 10:06:49

Just came back from "golden disc award ceremony" in beijing. The mini-concert at Guangzhou (last sat.) was really fun, just that the weather was really hot! On the 27-29th of June, i will be promoting my album in shanghai.

.......... Posted By: Jane
36619. ?? 2005-06-17 15:40:49

"My health is a lot better now, everyone don't need to worry. I think I will be the first to perform at the KL anti-drug show tomorrow night, so KL fans better arrive early!"
(KL, show, KL)

.............. Posted By: stephanie
36723. ?? 2005-06-20 12:09:55

KL's fans are as hot as its weather. A pity that my distance from the fans was too far. Today, I will record my last Mandarin song. The CD should be out early July. Please take note of tomorrow's Entertainment News (Showbiz, an RTHK radio show)!
(KL, KL)

___________________________[2 diff translations f/ 2 diff translators]______________________

Posted By: Ruan
37053. ?? 2005-06-29 11:20:15

These past few days have been in shanghai ?????, resting? OK! I will not appear at golden song on saturday,from 2nd of July to 4th of July I have to do a commerical with Joey Leung.

The Jok Yan concert will not have a CD & DVD release (>.<), On thursday will listen to "yi do" ( "Doctor ethics").
(OK, CD & DVD)

____________________________________ Posted By: lily

the past couple of days have been in shanghai, promoting the mandarin album. resting? OK, la!

sunday i won't be going to jade solid gold. july 2 to july 4, i'll be filming ads with joey leung-wing zhong (zhong jai).

singer/writers music concert will not be coming out on cd and dvd.

listen to 'yee do' on Thursday.

'yee do'-theme to new korean series...the name has escaped me... [THE SONG IS CALLED "MEDICAL ETHICS"]


2005 Messages
[source: Hacken's official website:]
Posted By: Jane
37233. ?? 2005-07-02 17:21:53

Metro (I think is Metro Radio, literal translation: 'Sun Sing') radio's concert I really like the parts with 'Day and Night' and 'Tonight sing good song', also sang some songs that I don't normally sing too often, that night I was very very tired, because just got back from Beijing and Shanghai, but when I saw the support, I already forgotten all about it, this is also the reason why I performed early on the show. As for the Shanghai fans, the CD you gave me, I will bring it back to the company to inspect, later when I have an answer I will let you guys know first, of course I know you guys will not buy bootleg, but I have to get things cleared, no need to worry.
Alan's concert, I will be guest on the 31st."
(part, fans, CD)

............ Posted By: Jane
37649. ?? 2005-07-13 06:41:32

Mandarin album will be released in July, as for the Cantonese album, it is in its progress, this time will have a new breakthrough, new songs will be broadcasted in September, please keep on a lookout!
.............. Posted By: Jane
37969. ?? 2005-07-22 00:09:57

"Mandarin album confirmed to be released on the 28th, because want to release at the same time as other countries!
RTHK (gong toi) will have a program (Big Korea Trend), and since I am the ambassador for Korean Language, within the program I will join everyone to learn Korean.
Tomorrow Manchester United will come to HK.. Awesome! "

............ Posted By: stephanie
38051. ?? 2005-07-23 13:51:34

Setting off!

Yesterday's photos will be uploaded as soon as possible.

........ Posted By: Gillian
38336. ?? 2005-07-29 12:33:12

we are also having a headache trying to decide which song to use as the 2nd plug. We are going to choose between 'Slowly' (literally translated as 'seng seng maan') and 'Da Yu' (Heavy Rain). We will collect comments from everywhere before we decide.

........... Posted By: muic
38792. ?? 2005-08-02 13:06:31

everybody can be rest assured that all your opinions have been conveyed to UMG, and they will plan the promotion carefully. I know it was really tough for the shanghai fans, so when i saw u guys waiting for me even though the weather was really bad, i was very happy. Also, the cd that u guys gave me the last time has been proven that it is.. an original CD!
(fans, CD)

[ NOTE: ROU's corrections: The first line should be: Everyone rest assured that your suggestions has long been reflected to Universal and I believe they know what to do. Hacken did not give any confirmation with regards to what Universal will do, unlike what the translation implied. He was only acting as an intermediary between his fans and Universal. In other words, the ball is in Universal's court now. ]

........... Posted By: rou
39123. ?? 2005-08-07 13:51:30

will be going to Poly U to give a talk later, will sing Love Can Ask Whom at tonight's JSG.

.......... Posted By: obi_wun_kenobi
39492. ?? 2005-08-12 23:04:21

"Just came back from a photo shoot in Guangzhou for a new season of commercials. Today I also threw a meeting, thanks to all the Guangzhou fans that attended. Later on, I will also do further promotions in China; including Taiwan, Xingma (I don't know this place in English).
I've already chosen the songs for the upcoming Cantonese CD. This particular recording will have a special arrangement including highly regarded musicians. Hopefully, I will be able to perform some of the songs on the night of "Bao Lang" (A concert/occasion?)

[ NOTE: Rou's explanations: its not exactly a meeting...more of this press conference to celebrate the success of Love can ask whom on the radio charts and to introduce the album to the chinese press.
xingma = singapore & malaysia
and its not bao lang...its po leung. po leung kuk is a charity organisation and every year there is this charity extravanganza/concert held to raise funds. it was at this event last year that we first heard "hear the wound talk". ]

....... Posted By: muic
39793. ?? 2005-08-18 21:49:10

I have been busy with miss hongkong pagent work the whole week and I am still rushing to write lyrics. The original plan was to write ten songs, but the process is going too slow so half of the songs will be written by can xiu kei (dun noe if translation in canto is correct; he has written a lot of good lyrics for hacken in the past canto albums e.g festival). The quality of the canto songs are not bad and everybody would be able to listen to them in about a month's time.

....... Posted By: muic
39840. ?? 2005-08-19 09:19:36

xiao qing(the fan's name), I will be going to that place on the 27th, but i will only be singing 3-4 songs, its not a big concert, can u send me details regarding that show?

[Muic's explanation of the message: this was the fan's msg (that Hacken was responding to): Hacken, when i went to china to work is a poster that stated you will be holding a big scale concert at dong yun feng stadium (some stadium i have no idea where) on 27/8 8.50pm, is that true?]

.......... Posted By: stephanie
39985. ?? 2005-08-21 09:08:38

Last night's show was fun. I benefitted a lot from working with the two experienced comperes. Now I have to leave for Pearl River to record a programme there.

........... Posted By: muic
40187. ?? 2005-08-26 22:05:41

Just finished filming "a man u can rely on" mv, it has a different feel from "love can ask whom", its newer and not in a story style going to dong yun(somewhere in china) to do a show tomorrow, and the night after that i would be singing first at "the sunshine plan" and will also be singing "xing ji"(the theme song that is in the tvb 10 guys album), will u guys be coming along to play?
(mv, feel, show)

.......... Posted By: muic
40284. ?? 2005-08-28 14:41:52

I'm going for the 'sunshine plan' concert soon and I saw ur complaints and truthfully I got upset. You guys need to know that a singer's job is to sing and make music, promoting their songs as hard as they can and introducing their music to every person, other jobs like how to promote, where to promote, what songs to plug and when to plug are the company's responsibility. Even though the singer has a say in these jobs but it is still fundamentally the company's decision and the singer has to do his best to adjust to their decisions.
I cannot say that umg's efforts in promoting the songs have been great these few months and umg knows that too, especially due to the changing of the promotion committee in june and july, a lot of things are still trying to adapt to the changes, but i believe umg will do their best and so would I.

I understand everybody's feelings, but this is still a public forum and there are some things that cannot be told to everybody (I think he refers to reporters). I hope that I can communicate with my fans through this forum but i really don't wish to see your complaints about umg everyday.

All in all, I understand and i am going off now!

......... Posted By: Gillian
40549. ?? 2005-09-01 19:20:08

The recording for the finals of 'The cruellest Bell' (AKA Minutes to Fame) will be held on the 14th of September. The day earlier will be when I am going to record the songs for the new Cantonese album. Will be recording 10 songs all at one go, as if it is a live performance. Details will be announced during the press conference on the 5th of September.

.......... Posted By: muic
40823. ?? 2005-09-06 15:23:06

From today onwards, i will be able to rest for quite a few days and prepare my vocals for the 13th. The only work i will be having is the jian cai(some ceremony?) and the editing of the lyrics on the 8th. I loved the banner that was done by the malaysian fans and many thanks to all the malaysian and nan jing fans for all their support. At the end of September I think I will be going to beijing and fuzhou to promote my cd, it will be confirmed here on the board at a later date.

[ROU'S EXPLANATION OF WHAT THE BANNER SAID: "Hak Seh We": its a pun on the words. Hak comes from the second word in hacken's canto name of cos, and "seh we" sounds like the canto term for society. when placed together these 3 words sound like the canto term for secret society...hehe...]

...... Posted By: muic
40963. ?? 2005-09-09 12:19:58

I can't attend the opening ceremony of Disneyland this weekend. The 11th and 12th is reserved for preparation of the canto album and rehearsals with the band, but if there is a chance I would love to go and play at Disneyland.
(show, band)

....... Posted By: rou
41227. ?? 2005-09-15 23:13:44

the recording process is extremely successful, the effect is also extremely ideal. i believe later when everyone hears it, they will feel that this is very different from my previous albums. very live and music-focused, the lyrics are also very special, it comes in pairs, like i wrote "woman before marriage", siu kay (the lyricist)responded with "after marriage", he wrote "lost love song" and i wrote "victorious in love", its very nice to play.

1st plug is called "love in seoul" (written by hacken). its a (dunno what this instrument is)+guitar+violin tragic love song, will sing it for the first time for the TVB recording of the health promotion board show, as well as on the po leung and mid-autumn festival show on the 18. it will also be sent to the radio stations next week.

am yet to think of the album name...diamond hill (the place where the song is recorded) live? u guys can try to think about it for me!
(pair pair, 1st plug, TVB, show, show, live)

........ Posted By: Gillian
41678. ?? 2005-09-25 10:49:11

The promotional tour in Beijing was very successful. Been on many TV and radio programs in the past few days. I also want to thank the Beijing fans for your presents. But the promotion event in Fujian next week has been cancelled. It should be postponed until sometime in October, more details will be announced here later.

It's still pouring heavily now, it is still unclear if the press conference later this afternoon will be cancelled!


2006 Messages
[source: Hacken's official website:]
[translated by Stephanie]
57525. ?? 2006-10-04 18:47:18

Thank you all Singapore fans for the fruits and mooncakes.
Today, I filmed the TVB version of the MV, which is a little simpler because only need to lip-sync since film clips from Korea's Concert II were added. Only four hours needed.

.............................. [translated by Stephanie]
57590. ?? 2006-10-07 17:54:35

I will appear in the last part of today's show and sing "Woman Before Marriage" and the new song, "tin sui wei chen" ["(City) Surrounded by Heaven and Water"]. Tomorrow afternoon at 2pm i will be at "World Heart Day".
In December, I will go to Atlantic City [in New Jersey, USA] and Toronto [in Canada] for a concert.
Wish everyone a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

................................ [translated by Alicia]
57680. 2006-10-12 21:43:43

Concert Hall 2 is rushing for the last few jobs [just a couple more things to take care of so that the CD can be finished and released]. It's confirmed/hopefully it will be able to release on the 1st of November. I have been doing a lot of interviews lately and mostly all those AV audio magazines that are available in Hong Kong, already have done the interviews. I believe that in 2 weeks time those interviews will be out.

England lost 0-2. I've got nothing to say. Those good players that are good in shooting at goal and passing of the balls are not selected...what kind of coach is this?

............................... [translated by Alicia]
57681. 2006-10-12 21:50:11

2nd plug?
"Princess Prince"'s [Name of his new song] possibility is very high!
You all can go and hear it, but it is not a complete version.
(2nd plug)

............................... [translated by Alicia]
57744.?? 2006-10-14 23:08:47

It's really lively here on Saturday!
Today no need to work, have been staying at home, while eating crab and at the same time watching the match of Manchester United. They bounce back 3:1, feel really good!
No matter it's at the radio station or at the official website, the version of "Princess Prince" is a demo version, mixing and mastering has not been completed, in the future you all will get to hear another verison which is "better" than this.
Regarding the voting issue?
It's up to you all!
If you want to vote, then vote!
But its better if you vote...haha! Come and have a look at the instructions given by the fan club!
(mixing, mastering)

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