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PART 1 --->things from the HLID fansite

(because Em can no longer host our fansite, and i'm not sure what will happen to our site, i'm going to re-post most of the things from the site here, so that it doesn't entirely disappear...!!)


I thought of making a webpage in English for Hacken in May 2005. I know that there are many Hacken fans that can't read Chinese and live overseas (I am one of them!), so it's very hard for them to keep up with Hacken's news. This webpage will allow English-speaking fans from all over the world to know what Hacken's doing and also get to know other Hacken fans. This webpage also has a lot of information about Hacken's life and personality. That's why I named the website Hacken Lee ID*, it's about Hacken's identity---you can learn about what kind of person he is. The more you learn about Hacken, the more you will like him! :) He's not only a great singer, he is also a very good person, from whom I have learned a lot of valuable life lessons from. I hope that this webpage will help fans keep up with Hacken's news, concerts, etc. Also, it would be great if non-fans coming here become new Hacken fans after learning more about Hacken. That would make all the staff members and I VERY happy!
Support Hacken forever!!


Hi! If you have any questions or comments about the website, you can contact us here. We'll try to respond soon. (For questions or comments about Hacken Lee, please register and post a message at the forum.)

[i don't check this email that much anymore,
so it's best 2 go to the forum and post in the cbox!]

Terms of Use:

You are welcome to re-post the material we have at our website, but please make sure you credit our website. Make sure you say you got it from Hacken Lee ID, and post the link to our main page after that. Thanks.

-Hacken Lee ID staff


Hacken Lee ID is not affiliated with Hacken Lee in any way. This is just a fansite created for Hacken Lee's fans. This webpage does not generate any income. Images, pictures and news sources are the copyright of the appropriate owners and are used without prior permission in line with the fair use exception of the Copyright Act for news reporting purposes.


MANY MANY THANKS to the following people, who made this webpage possible! I truly appreciate all your time and effort spent on working on this site!

Thank you very much, Em, for hosting this webpage. If not for you, we would have had a hard time finding a good place to host it! Thank you Ruan and Viper, for giving me a lot of information and tips about what the site needs and being the 2 most active staff members from the beginning until now! Even during long periods of time when I wasn't able to work on certain sections of the site, you two kept going and reminding everyone to keep working on it. Thank you, Fei, for making the layout, giving me ideas about how the site should be organized, and showing me how to upload files/make pages. Also, I want to thank you the Admin for allowing us to translate the news gathered at your site into English! And I want to thank MYSELF, too! =P

Of course, thank you to all of the 9 current staff members for wanting to work on this site, even though we have had many delays and you must have had moments where you doubt if this site will ever be started! Below, you can find out more about our staff.
(October 2006)


(10 people, as of March 3, 2008)

-Ruan [forum admin, moderator, e-mail responder] [AUSTRALIA]

-Em (Aiwah) [(sometimes) translator] [UK]

-Kate [WEBMASTER, moderator, updating Gallery, News, Hacken's Messages, etc.] [USA]
I'm Kate and I live in the USA. I want to work on this website so that fans that can't read Chinese can still read news and messages from Hacken. I also hope that this website will influence more people to like Hacken! Also, I think everyone should know that Hacken is not only a good singer, he is also a very good person.

-Jane [translator, graphic artist] [USA]

-Minna [(sometimes) translator, e-mail responder, promoting website] [USA]
Hello, My name is Minna and I am from the USA. I want to help work on this website because i am a BIG hacken fan. I want to help out on hacken related things including all of his fans!

-Gillian [translator, e-mail responder] [SINGAPORE]

-Hianez [translator] [SINGAPORE]

-Jenny [Hacken Lee International Fan Club correspondent] [Hong Kong, CHINA]

-Hacmily [translator] [MALAYSIA]

-Mary [translator] [MALAYSIA]


You can go to YouTube to find TONS of Hacken's video clips, both old and new. Just search for "hacken lee" or Hacken's name in Chinese.

And you can join our FORUM to download/watch many media clips, too! I have also posted directions there about how to register and download media clips from Hackenation, which is a great source of Hacken's video/audio clips!!

Listen to some of Hacken's songs HERE.
(Sorry, it doesn't work very well if u click on the "Listen" button to listen to them all at once. it's better if u listen to one song at a time, so there's less buffering.) ENJOY! :) Some recent ones and some old favorites. I'll add more songs once in a while.


If a picture is worth a thousand words,
you can find out a lot about Hacken by looking through his photos!
And there's MANY MANY MANY photos of Hacken here.
In this gallery, we have over 4000 pictures of Hacken!!
(Counting the repeats too. Sorry, while looking at
thousands of pictures on my computer,
I get tired and start to forget which pictures I have
uploaded already!) So what are you waiting for??

Check out the *GALLERY* now! =)

----> 5.31.2007 : from this day on, i'm uploading all new (and also old pics or screencaps or posters, etc. of hacken that have not been uploaded at the photobucket gallery) here: *NEW GALLERY*

----> 11.27.07 : *HLID GALLERY Part 2*

----> 01.16.08 : *HLID GALLERY Part 3*

----> 05.14.08 : *HLID GALLERY Part 4*

----> 11.22.08 : *HLID GALLERY Part 5*


Wallpapers & other fan art (many made by Kate)*:
(click HERE to go to album)

Also, go to these places for more wallpapers:

hacken lee WALLPAPERs & other graphics Frappr Map
(**once you join, you can upload your wallpapers/other graphics to share with all Hacken fans!**)
UMG Hacken Lee Page (wallpapers, screensavers, etc.)
just wallpaper (Lissa's wallpapers page)

Also, these two Hacken fans are very talented photographers. They have taken great photos of Hacken at his functions/concerts and posted it up at these places:

Kar-Yan Mak's gallery
Richard Ho's gallery
(MANY cool photos from Hacken's 2006 concert! :) Trust me, you MUST come see!!)

*GIF Animations*
(just for fun. haha. enjoy! =P)

* I do not claim ownership to all of these photos. I only claim ownership of the graphics or pictures made/taken by myself, which I have specified. The rest of the pictures/animations belong to the respective owners whose website url or name may appear on the photo/animation. Among the sites the pictures belong to are:,,,, various HK newspapers (such as Orisun, Ming Pao, Apple Daily),,, various Hacken fan sites/groups (such as Hacken Station, Hackenation,, Lee Hacken, Hacken Zone, Admirable Hacken, and other websites such as:,,,,,,, etc. I am only displaying these pictures/animations at these albums so that I can share them with as many fans as possible, in the most convenient way as possible, and not to sell them or benefit from them in any way. I have disabled the function that allows people to buy the photos at the Yahoo gallery. But if you still wish that I remove any picture/animation that belongs to you, please email me at, and I will do so.

Websites in English:

Hacken Lee Discussion Forum (This forum was one of the first places about Hacken I found online when I was a new fan! I come here daily. But sometimes, it cannot be accessible for unknown reasons.)

Hacken Lee-International Fans YAHOO Group (My yahoo group about Hacken) (You can find A LOT of old/recent Hacken video clips here, including at my channel there (kate6002))
Hacken Lee Fans Frappr Map (Add yourself 2 the map of Hacken fans all over the world!)
Wikipedia's Hacken Lee Page (I think all the info about Hacken's life here is accurate. There are many useful links, also!)
Hacken's CD's Page at Yesasia (order Hacken's CD's, videos, etc. here)
Hacken's Cottage (though rarely updated, one of the few existing Hacken sites in eng.!)
hacken-lyrics @ blogger (a lot of Hacken's song lyrics translated into eng.!)

Websites in Chinese/English:

Hacken Lee's Official Blog

Hacken Lee's Official Website
(GREAT site with almost daily updates of all news/magazines Hacken is in!! also, u can see his work schedule!)

Hackenation (Great place to chat about Hacken, find pics of him, and download some audio/video clips)
Hacken Station (lots of good stuff here, but I have trouble accessing browser freezes when i go there! Maybe u won't have the same problem.)
Hacken Zone (great website, where Hacken used to go to leave messages for fans. the news section has his new songs there for you to listen/download!)

Websites in Chinese:

Hacken Lee's Page at UMG (UMG's section for Hacken, with a lot of nice wallpapers and info about him)
Hacken Lee's Page at Machester United (Click on the Chinese text on the bottom to go to the Forum)
Hacken Lee Net (**Click on the small circle to enter the website. I have trouble navigating this website, though, and sometimes it freezes.)
Hacken Lee's Lyrics Page at Coolmanmusic (Hacken's Lyrics Page)
Hacken Lee's Page at Stareast (Hacken used to work for Stareast, so his page is still there. There's a Hacken screensaver here!)
Hacken Labyrinth


(translated by Jane, credit:
Name: Hacken Lee (Hacken = lee hak kun)
Birthday: December 6
Astrological Sign: Sagittarius
Height: 5'8"
Weight: Approximately 130+ pounds
Education: Form 7
[according to Carmen's site:, he went to High School and 1 Year of College]
Favorite Food: Steak, Seafood
Favorite Fruit: Lychee
Dislike Food: Salty Fish, Shrimp Paste, Durian
Favorite Place: Japan, Australia, Thailand
Most Disliked Place: Public Restroom
Favorite Sport: Soccer, Basketball, Golf
Most Disliked Sport: All the Water sports
Favorite Sport Team: England, Manchester United, Michael Jordan's Time at Chicago Bulls
Dislike Sport Team: Germany, Argentina, Arsenal Asia
Favorite Sport Player: David Beckham, Roy Keane, Ryan Joseph Wilson, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Alan Iverson
Dislike Sport Player: Thierry Henry, Fredrik, Ljungberg, Rivaldo, Shaq O'Neal
Favorite Singer: Alan Tam, Tamaki Koji
Favorite Actor: Stephen Chow
Unforgettable Experience: Every concert


[Hacken's 2006 World Cup Soccer Blog, translated by Jane]:

- Family Members: Dad, Mom, and younger sister
- Favorite Actors: Chow Yin Fat and Stephen Chow
- Played Soccer years: since the early days
- Watched Soccer years: since the early days



Nick Name: Lek Yun [Smart Person]
Birthplace: Hong Kong
Languages Spoken: Cantonese, Mandarin, English
Favorite Hobbies: Singing, Writing/Composing Songs, Listening to Music
Favorite Sports: Soccer, Golf, Tennis, Basketball
Favorite Colors: Blue, White, Red
Favorite Fruit: Mango
Favorite Drink: Coke
Favorite Type of Clothes: Jeans & Sports clothing
Favorite Singers: Alan Tam, Sam Hui, Wham, Air Supply
Favorite Movie: Terminator


Also, Hacken was born in the year of the Goat: 1967.


(information compiled and written by Kate)
Hacken's girlfriend Emily Lo Suk Yee was Miss Hong Kong 1992. Her birthday is on November 16. She is 6 years younger than Hacken. Emily likes to keep a low profile and is rarely photographed with Hacken except when she goes with him to certain functions, concerts, friends' parties, or Japan on holiday, for instance. They met when he was one of the hosts and guest performers for that year's pageant. Emily was already a fan of Hacken's, and he also seemed to like her. According to one of Hacken's long-time fans, Rou, "Emily remarked during the competition that she actually had fans cos hacken had told his fans that he thinks highly of her and believes that she could win the crown . . . when she had completed her obligations as Ms HK and made the decision to leave showbiz, she also commented that her biggest gain from showbiz was knowing Hacken, even though their relationship then was still under wraps." Emily and Hacken have been a couple for about 14 years now, and they are practically husband and wife, though they have not gotten married. Hacken keeps postponing the wedding because he wants to focus on his career before he starts a family. But right after he won the JSG Most Popular Male Singer award in January 2006, Hacken finally announced on-stage that he will be getting married this year! He will probably have time to get married July or later this year.

Hacken has said many times before that without Emily's support, he would not be so successful today. Besides helping Hacken, she spends her time learning various things. According to Rou, "from whatever little hacken mentioned abt her, in recent years, she had got a golf teaching license, learnt foreign languages and taken up courses [such as Chinese medicine, last year]. In recent years, she has also become his fashion consultant. A lot of people think that Emily is a tai-tai with an easy life cos hacken's earnings these few years is sufficient for her to enjoy life. But in a rare mention of her in an interview, hacken defended her by saying "Emily is actually very busy, She has to arrange all my clothes for my performances, scout for sponsors for me on top of her own work. But I never interfere with her work. I only tell her 'If you want to work, you work. If you want to play, you play. a person is happiest without any financial burden. As long as you are happy, I will support you.'"

Some of Hacken's songs from 2003 and 2004 were related to or directly about his relationship with Emily, such as "Together Long Will Get Married" (and some other ones on the Everlast CD!) (about a couple that have been dating for many years but still haven't gotten married), "3001 Nights" (about a couple together for 10 yrs and how she supported him during his rough times), and "You Cannot Sing" (about how, in Rou's words: "although she does not know how to sing, she always gives him inspiration for his songs". so sweet of him to dedicate this song to her!). Hacken was very emotional when recording the song 3001 Nights in 2003. According to the DAILY BASELESS BLAH, he said "It's been awhile since I got teary eyed when I recorded a song. The lyrics really cut close".


3001 Nights

We've been together for 10 years.
We have found hapiness, right?
Even if I dont say anything touching,
our story is still far from being dull

travelling on the edge of cliffs, or snowy grounds,
as I start to lose my energy,
you were there for me. And so, I will not give up.

Thinking back to the days when my heart was too broken to love again,
in the cruel cold, you were there to smile for me.
You brushed away the snow, and started to heal me.

Back when I was not desired by anyone,
you never left my side.
Now I know that you had cried in those days,
but you did no dare to tell me.

To this day, I can finally raise my head with pride,
and you act as if you have never cried in the past.
You know me too well.
From the day you met me on,
you take it upon yourself to never let me hurt again.
(you know me too well.
As if you and I were a result of our past life, you will be by my side this lifetime)


You Won't Sing

Why Fuzzy but like a back shadow
Calming going To the back Give me whistle noise
Actually you should 10 years ago
Have world's appreciation Turn to shining start

* I'm the one on the stage You're the huge person off the stage
Standing beside the stage give me good luck
Everything experience Only scare can't do without you
Can face the whole world Only because of you Sacriface for me

# Actually you know at the beginning What you have given up to follow me
If you Give me up You're achievement will be much bigger
Actually you won't sing Using love to get me though
When I'm On high points In low points
Can still Have more energy to sing Every song

Repeat * #

Never open mouth Quietly clap
But I know Who's with me Without a word dueting this song

Actually you won't sing Put the feelings in the song
If you Don't look at me
Will there be another person to sing love songs to
Actually you won't sing Using love to get me though
Let me when I'm in hard times In stress times
Can still Face the universe
Totally without any worries to sing My song

[translation done by 61er (AKA Longfumoon)]
other sources: [DAILY BASELESS BLAH]

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