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HLID stuff, PART 6: hacken's 2006 messages


2006 Messages
[source: Hacken's official website:]
[translated by mlthai: "Hi, seeing as there are no Chinese literate Hacken fans around at the moment, I have used online translators to give you a "best guess" translation."]
47319. ?? 2006-01-03 21:32:45

Actually what I said on stage two nights ago didn't really have any deep meaning, just my feelings at the moment! Please don't always think that I am not happy. After so many years, I only think of the happy moments. So I am seldom unhappy! [ADDITIONAL TRANSLATION BY BABELFISH: Much less has the prize to take!] :)
Tomorrow is a happy day as it will be announced that my album has gone platinum and also two additional shows have been added to my concert. In the new year, I wish you all happiness every day. There are two upcoming awards, please remember to vote for me!

....... Posted By: gillian

47851. ?? 2006-01-10 22:51:27

I didn't expect to sing and I also didn't know there were going to be fireworks, but it doesn't matter! [I think Hacken was asked to like dot the eyes of those lions for Chinese New Year.]

I've been busy with preparation for the concert. During the encore, you all should shout as loudly as possible what songs you want to hear. I will work hard. You all too!

It will be the JSG awards ceremony in a few days. Please remember to vote diligently! Do not look down on your one vote, every vote is important!

....... Posted By: Mandy [last sentence translated by Aiwah]

48713. ?? 2006-01-16 22:21:09

I was really happy last night, so happy that it lasted until this morning!

Thank you everyone for your wishes and "good luck"s and also my cheerleaders from last night. To be able to get this big prize was not only my effort, it was thanks to a lot of people's cooperation. The timing was just right and many thanks to you guys of course!

Haha, sometimes my fans scream really well! Didn't rest too much today, have to practice a dance. This time it will be a bit difference from last time, it will be a surprise for all! "Ah Jie" and Kelly are the first guests, and Alan will be last. As for Andy Lau? Yesterday, I forgot to ask him, just remembered to make him be my best man!


........... Posted By: Gillian
48971. ?? 2006-01-19 00:44:00

Using different instruments as accompaniment will definitely bring about different moods and style of singing and different effects!

there will be a 'hot' dance? It is true, but it is not that simple. There will definitely be something that everyone won't expect.

Andy Lau will be the guest on the first night and will be counting down to the Year of the Dog with everyone. Roger Kwok's 'Lo Por zai' [Jessica Hsuan] will also appear on one of the nights.

There are no plans to increase the number of concerts currently. A lot of technical problems that are yet to be solved.

............ Posted By: Jane
49490. ?? 2006-01-26 12:18:10

Rehearsal is very smooth, hopefully everyone will like the show. The first show's rundown will be different from the other ones because the first show will coordinate with the countdown, but each night the songs will also have some changes, to maintain each night's freshness. As for the first night's opening song.don't need to guess, because you won't be able to guess what it is! The tenth row is actually the best for handshaking!
(show, rundown)

.............. Posted By: Jane Date: Sunday, 29 January 2006, at 1:08 p.m.
49759. ?? 2006-01-29 13:42:39

Gung Hei Fat Choy, and of course 'Duk Sum Ying Sau' [Dreams Come True]!

Last night was the first show, of course will have some good and bad, rundown was also a little conservative, because we have to observe what reaction we get from each part and then we make some changes for the other shows, but I think it was ok! Before I said that each night will have some change in songs, as for tonight, probably won't sing '1001 night' and 'guen luen' [sorry not sure what the English translation is] [Babelfish translates it as "Attachment," maybe meaning not being able 2 forget an ex-girlfriend]... but there are some classic songs that must sing, there are people who bought tickets because of 'Red Day' and 'Concert Hall' [dai wui tong], hope everyone understands.

(rundown, part, OK)

............. Posted By: Gillian
49923. ?? 2006-01-30 14:34:24

The actual rundown for the concert will be the same as last night's one. We had to incorporate the Chinese New Year countdown into the first. That's why it was a bit rushed. The next 6 shows will be similar to last night's one [2nd show].

Besides Ah Wong [Roger Kwok] and Joey Leung, there may not be guests every night. Those who appear are my good friends, but some of them are not in Hong Kong and are thus unable to make it for the concert.

It is very funny. When I was singing "Juan Lian" [Thinking of You] for the encore part, I heard someone shouting for me to sing "Cang Hai Yi Zhu" [The name of another song... not sure of the translation]. Last night, I was singing "Hao Xi Zhi Ren" [sth about good actor or sth], I heard people shouting for "I'll never Change [Yat sang But Bin]"! Actually, every song has their own supporter. For the next 6 nights, I will change some of the songs in the rundown part especially during the encore portion.
(rundown, encore, rundown, encore)

............ Posted By: mlthai
50032. ?? 2006-01-31 15:17:33

Of course there wil be a VCD/DVD of the concert! Tonight's guest star is Andy Hui. We will duet a song which you all will not be able to guess.

................ Posted By: gillian
50036. ?? 2006-01-31 15:22:52

Recording will be done tomorrow and the day after that as Wong Meng La (The violinist) will not be around after that. I'm setting off now. See you all later!

................ Posted By: gillian

50184. ?? 2006-02-01 13:28:44

I made a mistake. Actually, Andy is the guest for tonight!

Yesterday was very smooth overall. I was also feeling in form. Except that there were some slight problems with the ear piece for one or 2 songs. This resulted in me singing a bit uncomfortably. The songs were "Yue Ban" (Moonlight Melody and "Yi Sheng Bu Ai Bie Ren" (Will never Love another again). I believe that there will be improvements tonight.

Retire? Surely not! I still want to have another 10 or 8 more (this is a phrase like saying he still wants to have more) concerts!

........... [translated by 61er]:
50471. ?? 2006-02-03 15:26:31

The hand is just small injury, Then I was changing in back stage has killed the bacteria, no need to worry. It's just then I got it there seemed to be a lot of blood, a little scary! Shirley didn't come over, Joey (Joey Yung) is not in Hong Kong. Tonight the guest is Jessica (Jessica Hsuan) , the one after of course it's Alan!

............ [translated by 61er]:

50607. ?? 2006-02-04 14:44:13

These two days has been quite relaxing, I can see presents you guys got me, there was a lot, thanks every one of you! The green cake (Pandan cake) was very good, thanks the fans from Singapore, When I was one stage I said too fast and said it wrong sorry la! Of course there is still presents and red pockets from fans of Shanghai, Canton, Malay, Taiwan, Macau, and Hong Kong! Tonight is the last show, hope everyone enjoy it!
(fans, sorry la, fans, enjoy)

............... [translated by 61er]:
50877. ?? 2006-02-06 15:42:56

Time went by so fast, the 8 concerts are over already, not really used to last couple days, even Peanut said that too, originally Butter will show up for the last show, but in the back stage it was too excited, I'm scared I can't control on stage, so at the end i didn't take it over. will rest till mid-feb then go Singapore to film a movie.
(Peanut, Butter, control)


51020. ?? 2006-02-08 23:44:32

Now in Tokyo, lots of doggies/reporters here! Following us all the time! So bad!

............. Posted By: Gillian
51431. ?? 2006-02-18 22:50:25

All friends, I have already returned from Japan last night.

With regards to the false report by 'that magazine', i just feel helpless, disappointed and regretful. actually, I am already used to the exaggeration approach that some magazine uses, but to an artist, i really hope that we will get the respect and that we are being treated fairly! I don't understand why everyone has the same photos, witnessed the same thing happening, but the reports that came out are entirely different.

I only wish to tell all those who are concern for Emily and I: We are alright. 'That magazine's report is 95% untrue! We had a great time in Japan except that we were being constantly followed about!

I'll upload some photos later for everyone to see.
(Emily, upload)

............ Posted By: Jane
51667. ?? 2006-02-22 21:58:01

Last night arrived in Singapore, 0800 this morning continued with the filming for 'Left Alan, Right Lee' moving, because it is continued shooting, I had to change the hair color to what it was before, actually am not too used to seeing that hair color, I personally like the concert's purple hair color. I will be staying here for about 10 days, can eat the chicken rice and the green color cake.

........... Posted By: mlthai
51721. ?? 2006-02-23 22:23:06

Just got back to the hotel. Have been on the go from 8 am until now, what a day! No time to go for a wander around or to arrange for a fan club get-together.
(what a day, fan club)

.............. Posted By: Jane
51819. ?? 2006-02-27 02:27:38

Today started at midday, that's why just finished from work.

watched bits and parts of the Manchester (literally Maan Luen) game, 4:0 of course is a very happy result of the game, today also saw a group of KL fans, thank you all for your presents, remember to drive safely. Also there were the Singapore fans, you guys give me so much food and snacks, will become fat, haha! Couple days ago I ate a Chocolate Lana Cake, is very tasty! It's as good as the green cake.

........... Posted By: Gillian
51959. ?? 2006-03-04 18:04:26

Came back from Singapore yesterday. The filming of the movie went pretty smoothly. We are now left with the Hong Kong portion of trying to touch up the movie. I heard it will be screening in June. If you want to know more about what happened in Singapore, watch out for this week's 'Ming Pao' (magazine)

The concert CD will be out by this month. VCD/DVD will be later. The 4th plug for my album is '10 years before and after' (the 1st track). I heard that it has already been distributed to the stations before I came back.

'Xian feng Bang' (an awards ceremony)? I am also not too sure of the company's arrangement. I think I should be attending it. You all must also work hard at the voting process ah!

(CD, VCD/DVD, 4 plug)

................. Posted By: muic

52180. ?? 2006-03-12 10:32:01

last night's award ceremony was both a shock and delight. Delight was of course I got a quite a few awards and shock because every since i came back from Singapore, I have been troubled by flu, my throat feels uncomfortable and I have a cough, my voice has also changed, so i had to push back the recording of the World Cup themesong. But i really didn't want to lip-synch last night so i had to 'take a gamble', luckily it was not so bad. However, one thing funny was (other than during the first time i got the award), i never got a chance to speak on stage again! i wanted to tell everybody that i was not feeling well, and hoped everybody could understand. Also i would like to thank all the guangzhou fans last night, even though u guys were sitting pretty far, i could still feel your enthusiasm. Many thanks!

.............. Posted By: Gillian

52294. ?? 2006-03-15 22:06:19

I will be a guest singer at Lau Ka Cheung's concert. And definitely at Vivian's (Vivian Chow) show la! Also, the recording for the world cup song will take place some time this week. Melody by Chan Fai Yeung, your humbly's lyrics (ie: he wrote the lyrics). This song will also be featured in the 'Ka See Pak' (Carlsberg beer) advertisement that we cooperated on.

.................. Posted By: Gillian
52370. ?? 2006-03-18 10:26:04

The concert CD is tentatively going to be released around the 28th. Now rushing for the deadline.

The jersey I wore that day was not the Liverpool jersey. It is the England new home kit. This is because Carlsberg is England's beer sponsor

............. [translated by Gillian]
52558. ?? 2006-03-26 00:15:59

Recently, the paparazzi are getting increasing... , they are almost following me everyday. Last night when I went back to my parents' house to have dinner, they actually tried to force their way into private property! Very bad attitude! Last time, even when the paparazzi took photos, they were still rather orderly and did not create much trouble. But last night, the security guards had to even call the police, sigh!
I heard that they even got a super super super long lens (so that you can take pictures from far away i think). Now, I even have to draw the curtains at home. Why did it become like that?

2006: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 // 2005: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 // 2004: 1 | 2 // 2003 // 2001-02


2006 Messages
[source: Hacken's official website:]
Posted By: muic
52982. ?? 2006-04-09 22:35:06

Those photos (on the website) were taken a few days during the filming of the world cup theme song mv, we spent the whole day at the football field filming, together with the nan hua football team. I have loved watching the nan hua team playing ever since i was young, and to be able to film with them was really exciting.

Tomorrow i will be going to lau ga cheung's house as a guest (huh..probably a performance) and have a press conference, on tuesday i will be helping tvb magazine to present awards,we have started work on 'concert hall2' , hopefully it will be better than the last album. the concert vcd and dvd will be released during the middle of the month, this time, the dvd will have a gold version, and it would be shot with high-definition technology, making it clearer than any other dvd!

..................... Posted By: Tracy
53258. ?? 2006-04-18 21:57:43

2006-04-18 21:57:43 (I'm not 100% sure if that's what he means) I will be a guest for one of Vivian's concert, the 25th (May 25th show).


................. Posted By: Tracy
53361. ?? 2006-04-21 10:33:36

Went to take photos to be used for the posters for the "Left Lun Right Lee : I Love Medical Family People" with Alan Tam. The movie will be in theaters on June 1st. The VCD/DVD for the concert will not have the part with "Ah Wong" due to copyrights. I too feel that it's a lost.

.................... Posted By: Gillian
53489. ?? 2006-04-25 18:17:50

New song "I'm wearing Number 10" has been sent out to the radio station! On the 9th of July, and also the finals of the World Cup, there will be a TVB Music Special of me being aired. (I think it may be sth like a mini concert). It was originally supposed to be at last year's end, but couldn't match the dates and thus was cancelled. But all details are still being finalized.

................... Posted By: Gillian
53751. ?? 2006-05-03 12:05:31

Wah! Last night's rain was good! The gold version of the DVD is almost all sold out. The normal (karaoke) version will be released soon. Will be recording a song for Yi Neng's 20th anniversary (the artiste management company Hacken is under I think). I heard it will be put into the 'Left Alan, Right Lee - I love this family' movie. Alan and I will be going to Beijing, Guangzhou, Singapore and Malaysia at the end of May to promote the movie.
(DVD, OK (karaoke), Alan)

..................... [translated by Aiwah]
53989. ?? 2006-05-10 13:48:28

I will be at Teacher Lau's concert on the first to fourth and seventh (last) performances because I have to do some promotion for a film in the middle. Tomorrow I will be with Joey and Alan on "????" (English title of this entertainment show is Scoop) to promote the film, nothing to do with music. As for the Music is Live concert, I am just the guest for Ivana Wong and Hins and just have a ten minute performance.

............... [translated by Aiwah]

54144. ?? 2006-05-16 15:37:41

Those who watched the 'making of' section of the DVD will know that I hope to have a concert, which is just about singing. I wanted to hold this at Christmas, but there is no availability at any venue in Hong Kong! My ideal would be at the cultural centre, but I will have to wait until next April! Looks like everyone will have to wait a little while longer.
(DVD making of)

............. [translated by Aiwah]
54505. ?? 2006-05-25 12:23:39

I will be working on the World Cup until 9th July and there is also the planned music special. On the 22nd, I will be in KL for the "Minutes (to Fame)" final and in August, it has been confirmed to go to Korea for "Concert Hall II"... I am not getting married in July, it won't be so quick. I think it should be after "Concert Hall II"!
I know many people care for us, but getting married is not like cooking a meal on a daytime TV show, so I don't need to reveal or explain every step along the way. The press have been making up lots of false stories all along, so I hope you will not believe everything you read. If I can talk about it, I will tell you about it here.
I have just received gifts from my UK fans from 'ma lai', many thanks! Waiting for my visit to Beijing on the 26th, I wonder if I will see any Beijing Hacken fans?
(KL, step, fans)

................ [translated by Aiwah]
54733. ?? 2006-05-31 21:08:42

Wishing you a happy dragon boat festival!
If you have time, go to the movies! Overall just be happy and relaxed!
Yesterday, I recorded two songs in one go, one is a World Cup medley that strings together all the songs I have sung before about football. The other is the duet with Joey, which is the theme song for the RTHK series "One Family".
From tomorrow, I will be writing some World Cup articles for Oriental, so you can go online and take a look.
I was very happy to see my fans in Beijing and Guangzhou, especially the ones in Beijing, I have heard your words and will come back more!

......... [translated by Aiwah]

54984. ?? 2006-06-09 18:40:44

Just finished doing Teacher Lau's show and now I am busy working on the World Cup. The first day of shooting will be tomorrow at 2300, of course before that I will go to the apm. Half of the songs for the new album have been selected, Ivana has just handed one in and it is very good, so I hope there will be some new chemistry.

Germany do not have Ballach (German soccer player's name), so they may not get two goals, what do you think?

(show, apm, Ivana)

............... [translated by Aiwah]
55105. ?? 2006-06-14 14:59:48

The World Cup has been playing for a few days now, I'm sure everyone has been watching it hard and not getting enough sleep. Of course I have been too, watching football, commentating on football, writing about football. Everyone knows I have been writing for Orisun, but I have also been writing for a Mainland website:
If you have time, do go and take a look.
Yesterday's Brazil match, what were they playing at?

[Hacken is talking about how Brazil's team was not as good as usual. a lot of ppl R saying they were disappointed with their performance in that game.]

................. [translated by Aiwah]

55173. ?? 2006-06-16 12:26:44

I saw "Sudden Weekly" yesterday and my mood was really bad at first, I have been working away happily, but this has been changed into another story! However, after watching England win their game, all the unhappiness has been forgotten! I hope England will continue to win. :)

................. [translated by Tracy]

55312. ?? 2006-06-21 03:53:36

You guys don't have to worry, I'll only remember the happy things. As long as I've done my best at the show.the other stuff I can't control!
When I have time I'll watch the world cup, England in half period with 1:0, now these are things I will remember!

................ [translated by Gillian]
55475. ?? 2006-06-26 12:54:34

I have not left for Germany yet. This time, I am watching quarter finals (in Germany), Argentina vs Germany, England vs Portugal. I have been busy preparing for my album these 2 days. I will be going over to Korea to do the recording for the album.
Although England's performance yesterday wasn't very good, but the final result was what is most important. Haha!

............... [translated by Aiwah]
55566. ?? 2006-06-28 19:13:33

This week, I open the magazines and am 'surprised' to find there is news about my World Cup show. I feel very helpless and regretful about these untrue reports.
I will still not make any response though. I hope you will understand.
I think I will refuse the kind offer from Pay TV for a "Stag Party". A low profile wedding is more suited to me.
It's nearly time to go now, go England to win! Haha!
I hope Meng gets well soon!
(Pay TV, party)
[Meng is a fan that posted a message saying that the doctor warned she/he of having stomach cancer and is really worried about it. Many fans and Hacken responded to Meng's message with encouraging thoughts.]


2006 Messages
[source: Hacken's official website:]
[translated by obi_wun_kenobi]
55862. ?? 2006-07-06 17:11:01

I hope I can be a professional artist. Seeing the news reports will make me unhappy, but it will not affect my work. No need to worry.

.............. [translated by Aiwah]
56127. ?? 2006-07-18 12:11:45

I have not left a message for a while because I have not been in Hong Kong.
After the World Cup, I went abroad to rest for a few days, to avoid the press finding out where I was going, I did not tell you where I went, please forgive me!
Yesterday morning at 10am, I was in Guangzhou shooting a Winter Collection ad for the Kwan Ho Fashion company. In the evening I attended an awards ceremony, where I received three awards, making me very happy. Thank you to all my supportive fans, I have not sung "Woman before Marriage" [in a long time?], so I was a little nervous last night!
Tonight I will be a guest at the 'Music is Live' concert. Remember that it is Hins and Ivana Wong who are the leading act, so for fans who will be attending, please give them your applause! Tomorrow I will be filming for "Be My Guest" (Dinner with Stephen) and attending the World Cup celebration.

............... [translated by Aiwah]
56186. ?? 2006-07-26 21:46:08

Host 15/16? No, I won't. I just received a call from Nat (Nat Chan) and went on his show as a guest. I never imagined I'd come away with so much!
Heartfelt thanks to my Singaporean and Malaysian fans, that afternoon was very tiring and the show was over 4 hours long, so the meeting afterwards was a little short. If you have the chance, please thank Terry because his gift was very heavy! :) [Terry helped Hacken carry fans' gifts]
Work that involves 'seeing people' in the next few weeks is minimal, because I will be preparing well for my new album and toning up my voice for recording in August in Seoul.
(show, Terry)

.................. [translated by Aiwah]
56212. ?? 2006-07-30 22:19:51

guest star at the Softhard concert? i will be there on 3/8 [august 3rd].

............... [translated by Aiwah]
56220. ?? 2006-07-31 23:26:03

Ha Ha, I'm wrong! i am actually the guest on 04/08!
(Ha Ha, I'm wrong!)
[Em's explanation of the concert: The Softhard concerts so far have been a lot of fun with Jan and Eric having a different guest on every night and changing the lyrics to their songs. So far, there has been Leon, Jacky, Andy and Leo - will be fun to see how they massacre Hacken's songs!!]

............... [translated by Aiwah]

56391. ?? 2006-08-13 15:26:04

The last few weeks, I have been busy with matters for "Concert Hall II" and like last time, I will first compile all my songs with a computer and then try singing it, rehearsing it, editing it and making sure that everything is ready before flying out to Seoul at the end of August for the recording.
I will have no part in writing the lyrics because I wrote too much last time and this time it is a little different because it has been left to Lin Xi, Wyman and Siu Ki to take care of. (Wyman)

.................... [translated by Aiwah]
56427. ?? 2006-08-17 11:27:52

These two days, I have been recording the theme song for TVB's "Casino Crisis" series and I hope that like 'Heart Plot' (Sum Gai) [the themesong for the TVB series Revolving Doors of Vengeance] it will be well liked by you all. I have received the gift from my Shanghai fans and I like it a lot. Thank you!
To KL fans:
Of course I will eat the things that you make and I will share some with the crew. As for 'tea'? I rarely drink Chinese tea, but I often drink Japanese Green Tea. (TVB, TO KL)

....................... [translated by Gillian, with additional info she added in brackets]
56497. ?? 2006-08-19 13:34:41

Will be going to Sheng Jiang [a place] to do a show. Looks like won't be able to watch the beginning of the English Premier League! [the soccer league started last weekend]

....................... [translated by Gillian]

56560. ?? 2006-08-20 22:29:11

I did watch! Ha Ha! 5:1 MU the best!
(*hacken wrote everything in English except the first sentence)

....................... [translated by Gillian]
56575. ?? 2006-08-22 10:51:04

I will say this one more time. I hope everyone will be a smart Hacken fan and not believe what the magazine says so easily!
Firstly, I still do not know which magazine it is, but I have never said anything about when I am going to get married or even done any interview for my wedding in any magazine! Recently, there has been a lot of reporters who has been disturbing both me and my girlfriend's family members. 3 or 4 cars belonging to reporters stopping outside my house is no longer something new. Actually, my life for the last 10 over years have been pretty normal. Work, soccer, have meals outside, sleep. Nothing much to film. and I have never been afraid of someone filming me. But today, I don't want my pictures to be taken by the paparazzi becaise it has become another matter. When last time we had 4 persons eating, now there's only 2. Happy times became unhappy times. When we don't talk, it is interpreted that we are giving black face (meaning unhappy with each other). Plus using rude and malicious words to describe my friends and family around me. There is just so many of them. So many!
If you have any questions, can ask me here. Remember, must be a smart Hacken fan.

.............................. [translated by Gillian]
56617. ?? 2006-08-25 10:59:10

Will be setting off for Seoul soon. Everyone can watch the recording and filming scenes from here.

.. [translated by Gillian]
56698. ?? 2006-08-26 23:59:18

Reached Seoul, will start working tomorrow night.
(will start working tomorrow night)

..... [translated by Gillian]
56722. ?? 2006-08-29 10:04:52

Recorded 3 songs. The disc has 12 songs in total,including 2 old songs! Surprise?

How's the weather? OK la!
Setting off!
(including 2 old songs! Surprise?/OK la!)

..... 56737. ?? 2006-08-29 22:37:20

Just finished recording n already back 2 hotel.

2day we did 4 songs!
N 4 more tmw!
[*all written in English]

.... [translated by Gillian]
56775. ?? 2006-09-01 21:28:32

Ginseng Chicken Soup? Really good la!

Already move 2 Jeju, beautiful place!
Will spend a few days here. One more guest 4 the MV, guess who she is?
[* all written in english, except the first sentence]

... [translated by Gillian]
56885. ?? 2006-09-03 09:29:54

"Po Leung Kok Charity show"? Yes, hopefully the new song is ready 2 sing on 9/9
[* all written in english, except the first sentence]

... [translated by Gillian]
56898. ?? 2006-09-04 11:39:50

Lau Wai Hang is my good friend. He helped us a lot in this project.
[* all written in english, except the name of the person]

... [translated by Gillian]
56925. ?? 2006-09-06 00:34:59

I'm back! I would like to apologise to those fans who came to the airport to meet my flight. Tonight, "the airport is not a place to stay too long" (Hacken used part of a Chinese phrase) as there were too much paparazzi...

The possible hit from the album will be "????" [Sth like 'Likely to be Possible']:

"(City) Surrounded by HEaven and Water" Music by Edmond Tsang, Lyrics by Lin Xi
It's a song with a lot of spirit, accompanied by the bug drum and another instrument from Korea. Plus Lin Xi's very meaningful lyrics. My company and I are very satisfied. Hope it can be rushed to be sung soon.
(fans, Edmond Tsang)

.... [translated by Gillian]
56964. ?? 2006-09-08 22:59:51

Will be appearing in the 2nd part tomorrow night. Will be singing an 8 minute long medley that includes "Love lost in Seoul", "Women before marriage", "Victory" and "Sky Water City?" [=> Not to sure about this title]
(2 part, medley, Victory)

.... [translated by Gillian]
57092. ?? 2006-09-12 10:59:34

"(City) Surrounded by HEaven and Water" [==> direct translation of the song title] has been sent to the stations. Like the lyrics very much. actually, besides talking about being surrounded, there is another meaning. Can anyone guess and understand what it is?

[Hacken posts the full lyrics to the song below]:

?? ?? ??:Edmond Tsang ??:?? ?:??? ??:Ronald Fu ?????? ?????? ???????? . . . .

............................. 57182. ?? 2006-09-18 01:43:56

So sad! MU loss!
[*written in english]

.............................. [translated by Stephanie]
57275. ?? 2006-09-23 12:02:08

Yes! Just back from Bangkok. Everything was as per normal over there. Didn't tell you guys because i don't want you and the 'doggies' to worry!
Afterwards, i will have to go Dongguan for the 9+2 music show, so couldn't attend this afternoon's 'World Heart Day'.
We are still changing the song list for the coming [?? i think this is the mini-concert] show. Anyway, there will be new and old songs, some hit songs and some none hit songs, some of my own songs and some of other people's songs too!
(show, hit, hit)

............................. [translated by Gillian]
57409. ?? 2006-09-29 22:11:48

I thought the 'Sang Seng' show (concert organised by the Radio station) was not bad as well. There is one part that I can use as part of the rundown for the concerts in America/Canada in December.
Went to Wu Zhou yesterday to do a show. It was a very quick trip. It took seven hours to go there and six hours to get back. Reached home at 3am. and even caught a cold. That's why I have to wear a mask when I go over to Macau today. I've seen the doctor, no need to worry.
Will be going to Shanghai tomorrow morning. It's a corporate performance which I agreed to attend very much earlier. thus, I will not attend the JSG selection.
(show, rundown, show)

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2006 Messages
[source: Hacken's official website:]
[translated by Stephanie]
57525. ?? 2006-10-04 18:47:18

Thank you all Singapore fans for the fruits and mooncakes.

Today, I filmed the TVB version of the MV, which is a little simpler because only need to lip-sync since film clips from Korea's Concert II were added. Only four hours needed.

.............................. [translated by Stephanie]
57590. ?? 2006-10-07 17:54:35

I will appear in the last part of today's show and sing "Woman Before Marriage" and the new song, "tin sui wei chen" ["(City) Surrounded by Heaven and Water"]. Tomorrow afternoon at 2pm i will be at "World Heart Day".
In December, I will go to Atlantic City [in New Jersey, USA] and Toronto [in Canada] for a concert.
Wish everyone a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

.. [translated by Alicia]
57680. 2006-10-12 21:43:43

Concert Hall 2 is rushing for the last few jobs [just a couple more things to take care of so that the CD can be finished and released]. It's confirmed/hopefully it will be able to release on the 1st of November. I have been doing a lot of interviews lately and mostly all those AV audio magazines that are available in Hong Kong, already have done the interviews. I believe that in 2 weeks time those interviews will be out.

England lost 0-2. I've got nothing to say. Those good players that are good in shooting at goal and passing of the balls are not selected...what kind of coach is this?


. [translated by Alicia]
57681. 2006-10-12 21:50:11

2nd plug?
"Princess Prince"'s [Name of his new song] possibility is very high!
You all can go and hear it, but it is not a complete version.
(2nd plug)

. [translated by Alicia]
57744.?? 2006-10-14 23:08:47

It's really lively here on Saturday!
Today no need to work, have been staying at home, while eating crab and at the same time watching the match of Manchester United. They bounce back 3:1, feel really good!
No matter it's at the radio station or at the official website, the version of "Princess Prince" is a demo version, mixing and mastering has not been completed, in the future you all will get to hear another verison which is "better" than this.
Regarding the voting issue?
It's up to you all!
If you want to vote, then vote!
But its better if you vote...haha! Come and have a look at the instructions given by the fan club!
(mixing, mastering)

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