Friday, January 28, 2011

HLID stuff, part 9 (last one): images from HLID! =D

i wish the HLID site could have lasted longer
but i guess it's been over 4 years now...
and we don't update it anymore....
Thanks to Em who hosted our fansite
for all this time!!

thank you to everyone who helped me with making
or contributing or maintaining HLID!!!
thank you so much!!

even though the fansite will be gone this april,
but i re-posted everything from the fansite here,
and the forum remains! YEY!!!

so please join us at the forum...
thank you~ and see you there~~!


edit: oops! forgot the Updates from the main page:

Apr. 10
Hacken and Alan completed their concerts together in Hong Kong in February, but this summer, their world concert tour starts! Hacken said they will be going to Atlantic City, LV, Toronto, maybe Boston, and later they will go to KL, Australia, etc.!!! and now, u can pre-order hacken & alan's 2009 concert dvd here:
For the first time, all 3: the dvd, vcd, and cd versions, are all released on the same day!! wow. =D
Jan. 19
HAPPY NEW YEAR, everyone! I hope 2009 will be an awesome year for Hacken and all his fans! Hacken's new CD, Today Special was finally released on Jan. 15!! The pre-order CD sales already reached platinum level before it was officially released, though! (and I, Kate, was 1 of those ppl that pre-ordered f/yesasia!! yay!!) So, Hacken and his singer friends that helped him make this CD had a party to celebrate its success even before it was released!! :D Hacken is currently very busy preparing for and promoting his concert with Alan in february! Good luck with everything, Hacken!! :) (check out the Awards section in the Hacken-identity section to see all the awards he won in 2008!)
Dec. 1
Hacken and Alan are finally singing together again! =) Their Left Alan Right Hacken Concert () will start in 2009, during Chinese New Year. the shows are going to be from Feb. 1-7. They get to be the first singers to have concerts at the HK Coliseum after it was closed for renovation since last year! They are now training to be in shape for their concert. Also, Hacken says his new CD will not be released for a while, cuz he wants to have enough time to plug the new great songs! Everyone, please patiently wait for it!

Hacken had an early birthday party with his fan club members on a ship on Nov. 29!! You can see pictures of it at his new blog post about it and probably later at his official website. :)
Oct. 15
Oct. 15 is the two year anniversary!
There is a new banner and layout for our forum to celebrate HLID's b-day, please check it out! ^_^

We will keep trying our best to keep this fansite & all the different sections of it that are linked here up to date and a happy place for all hacken fans that come here. =) Hacken is currently still recording songs for his new CD, which might not be released until the end of the year, at the rate things are going...but please continue to look forward to it and remember to buy it once it's released! So far, he has only plugged one song from this new album, and it is "She is kind but I am sad".

Old Updates and Messages


July 14
THANK YOU VERY MUCH, everyone that visited this website, especially the people that keep coming back. =) Thank you for your support! Hacken really does have fans from all over the world! Here's the latest news! His new CD will probably be released at the end of this summer. Especially for this album, he asked Eason Chan, Jaycee Chan, Hins Cheung, Jan Lamb, Justin Lo, Khalil Fong, and Louis Cheung to work with him on the album production! Hacken will be doing hosting work for TVB's coverage of the Olympic Games in Beijing next month! Also, he will have a concert during September in HK! To keep up-to-date with Hacken's news and talk with other fans, please join our HLID forum here:
May 19
Congratulations to Hacken, he recently won a JSG top 14 songs award for his song, Everyday is Valentine's Day! Also, Hacken has accepted a hosting job for TVB's coverage of the Beijing 2008 Olympics this August! He will be hosting the opening and closing ceremonies with Dodo Cheng.
Feb. 20
CONGRATS to Hacken, from the end of 2007 to the start of 2008, his total music awards count is 15.5!!!
Nov. 26
You can now buy Hacken's new compilation CD, Hacken Lee No.1 Hits (4CD) (Limited Edition), at Yesasia: It has 3 new songs, including "Farewell Concert Hall", which Hacken is currently plugging.
Oct. 24
On Oct. 22, Hacken became a father and his son is named Ryan. Both mother and son are fine. Hacken's wish to become a father before he turns 40 came true!! =)
Oct. 15
i hope there will be many more to come!!!!! =)

Sept. 30

he just announced it at his official website recently. anyone can add a comment! ~_~ it takes kinda long 2 load, though.
Sept. 22
many thanks 2 all the ppl that have said they like this new layout!!! ^_^

*quick update* about hacken: he said in his newest message that his 3rd plug will be the song "Team of Brazil Girls". it's a peculiar choice, but i hope UMG & hacken can help it become a popular song. remember 2 vote/request for it soon! also, our FORUM has finally recently reached 100 members! yesss!!! pls join the forum if u haven't already 4 the latest updates/news/pics/chat,etc. about hacken! thanks. ~kate.`*
September 19, 2007
WE HAVE A NEW LAYOUT! welcome to version 2.0 of HLID! on Oct. 15, this site will turn 1 year old already! new fans here: pls take a look around this site! old fans: pls also take a look, i have added more pics of hacken through out the site! =)

Though Iris designed the layout, Jane and I (Kate) did add/design certain elements to the layout of the main page and other sections of this site. I hope everyone will like how this site looks now, cuz all 3 of us (especially JANE!) put a lot of time and energy into the new layout of this site!!!!!

(below: Hacken's "Paper Marriage" song)


lissa said...

hello kate, just stopping by to see if you're interest in some Hacken albums -
• Live in concert cds
• Universal DSD collection cd
• Concert hall cd
• Concert hall II Seoul cd

I'll snail mail them to you if you would like them.

just clearing my shelf of music of music I don't listen anymore. I have a list of other artist. I can email you the list if you're interested.


have a lovely day.

kate said...

hi lisa,

i think i have most of his CDs already, so i'm not interested. and i'm not really into cantopop anymore, so...but thanks for the offer. =)