Thursday, May 3, 2007

JSG 1st Quarter results; Hacken wins 1 award for "Princess Prince"!

[hacken was the first to receive an award on the show that night! :) ]

[source:, Translated by 60699 @, Taken from]

April 28, 2007

The TVB JSG Round 1 awards ceremony were held and the results are as follows:

Top 12 Songs (in no order)
日日是好日 Kenny B
畫意 Ivana Wong
富士山下 Eason Chan
公主太子 Hacken Lee
Forever Grasshopper
心花怒放 Joey Yung
大細心 Alex Fong
節外生枝 Kay Tse
電燈膽 Stephy Tang
第三身 Juno Mak & Denise Ho
相愛6年 Twins
同聲同氣 at17

Recommended Newcomer
Jason Chan

Favorite Mandarin Song
我懷念的 Stefanie Sun

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Minna said...

Congrats to HACKEN!!!