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Hacken accidentally lets slip that his wife might be pregnant!

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To celebrate the 10th anniversary of HK returning to China, RTHK and CCTV have decided to organise a "Shenzhen-HK youth evening gathering" on 1st July at Shenzhen's Window of the World. Yesterday a media conference was held and public announcements were made regarding the event's activities. RTHK's Lee Chai Tong indicated at the event, all HK singers that took part in performing "After returning for 10 years, there's still You" themesong will all attend the party. At the time, Andy Lau and Yundi Lee will perform together. And there will be lot's of mainland performances. The venue can hold an audience up to 6000-7000 people.

Date of birth is predicted to be June/July

Alan Tam and Hacken Lee both attended the media conference. Hacken was once again chased about whether or not he can announce his wife's pregnancy, and he joked that the date of birth is predicted to be June/July. He is adament that he is talking about his new album, not having a baby. Alan says that it was only a few days ago that he ate dinner with the husband and wife and was asked whether he felt Emily's figure had changed. Alan said that he was late there and had to leave early so that Emily was seated the entire time and he couldn't tell.

Alan had publicly told Hacken to check whether his wife was pregnant by using frogs. When the two met, Hacken asked Alan how to use frogs to test for pregnancy and pointed out that he only knew how to use iceblocks. Alan explained "In the past, when using frogs, if the frog called out then that was the indication that there was a pregnancy." Reporters asked Hacken if he could announce the good news. He said that as it was the return of HK's big day, then everyone shouldn't go off topic. When reporters suggested that because it was a big day then there should be a new album to celebrate with, Hacken exclaimed that the date of birth was to be June/July and insisted that he was referring to his new album. Reporters also pointed out that Hacken has gained weight recently but Hacken said that he was busy with his new album and did not gain weight. Alan couldn't help but laugh that Hacken wasn't answering the questions that were being asked.

Alan exposes Hacken's Freudian slip

Hacken admitted that he understood everyone was caring for him and everyday he would see little dogs near his place, giving him a sense of security. When it reached the public, Hacken revealed that a lot of people were asking about the progress of his new album and even Liza Wang has asked a few times whether his new album would be out soon. Alan joked and asked Hacken whether the new album will be cute and if it would have hands or feet. Hacken said that as long as Liza was happy, he would thank everyone for caring and when the new album was ready for release, he would publicly announce it to the world. He doesn't think he will make June, so it will probably hit the streets in July. Recently has his wife been afraid of going outside? Hacken said she wasn't. Alan revealed that a few days earlier he had dinner with the couple and when asked about Emily's figure, he was smart and said that on the night he was late there and had to leave early. This meant that he only saw Emily sitting down and could not see her figure. Has he felt that Emily's eating habits have changed? He said he didn't notice anything special and Hacken added "These days it's different. There's nothing that's "forbidden". Alan exposed that Hacken had made a definate Freudian slip.


[hahaha! "
everyday he would see little dogs near his place, giving him a sense of security."!! those pesky reporters always stalking him & emily!! :(
well, now that he accidentally said that, every1 knows for sure now. though, be4, every1 could already guess she really is pregnant f/what alan/hacken said! -kate]

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littledragongirl said...

Hi......Can report stop asking Hacken about if he going to become a father. If he think is time or what to announce to his fan or the reporter he will and it's not three months yet. Can the report give them two some free time for couple months