Monday, May 7, 2007

Dads and Moms round up JSG (Hacken avoids talking about babies)

'I can't admit it! My wife will scold me." (made up dialogue)
Hacken was forced by reporters about news that he was going to be a father. He bowed and politely asked everyone to let him off.

2007 May 3rd

TVB held its 2007 JSG Presentation - First quarter on Sunday, 29th April. Everyone got their share of their awards (this sounds a little sarcastic in the article -> Like insinuating that the presentation was just for the artistes to get a slice of the pie). There was no sense of animosity at all at TVB City. Instead, the atmosphere was filled with care and warmth.

With recent rumours that Emily Lo is pregnant, Hacken was being forced by the media to confirm this the whole night. Hacken diverted the attention surrounding his wife's pregnancy towards his new CD, slated to be released in June or July. Baby becomes CD, he just refuses to admit the fact as he is afraid that the baby will be petty.

(I think Hacken is refusing to confirm the rumours as there is a belief that one should not announce or make a big fuss about having a baby before the first 3 mths is over because that is the period where it is easiest to get a miscarriage. So they are afraid that the baby will be 'petty' and something bad may happen. -Gillian)

Singer Kay who is due to deliver in July, was accompanied by her manager to receive her award. However, he refused to let Kay answer any questions with regards to the gender of her child or the mode of delivery. Even when taking photos, he forced reporters into a corner as he only insisted that they take front view shots of her.

[source:, Next Magazine]
[translated by Gillian]
[agree w/Gillian...lots of fans and i think he's waiting till after 3 months 2 announce, for all those reasons. well, not necessarily means he's superstitious, it makes sense realistically, too, cuz u can often have miscarriages during this, wish they would leave him alone about this! he'll announce it when he's ready! maybe around the same time his cd comes out, he'll announce! but that won't be until around July, probably!! yeah, sometimes they joke that every1 gets awards at tvb awards show, even those that don't deserve it.... -kate]

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littledragongirl said...

I agree Gillian and Kate too. We are his fan and we should give them there own space and if it is real I'm sure hacken will let his fans know and happy for him. Support Hacken forever. SF Fans