Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hacken, Eric Suen, Jade Kwan, etc. at a TVB Special (香港之最中西區)

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May 20, 2007

On the 20th of May, Hacken and Jade Kwan appeared at the recording of 香港之最中西區

Hacken hurries home to be with "pregnant wife"

《香 港之最中西區》 was recorded last night, with singers such as Jade Kwan, Eric Suen and Hacken Lee appearing, as well as actors such as Anne Heung, Nancy Wu and Raymond Cho. With reports that Hacken is soon to become a father, he was the media's focal point. At yesterday's rehearsal in the afternoon, Hacken went home immediately after rehearsals finished. When asked, he said he was going home to be with his wife, and said he should spend more time with her. When asked about whether he was about to become a father, Hacken said that like his new song "Where have the flowers gone", he would not reply to the question, and reporters should find his new PR manager Alan Tam. Reporters then pointed out his voice was a bit raspy, and asked if he was sick, and should he be careful about passing it on to Emily who might be pregnant? Hacken sighed and said reporters should stop dragging all the topics together, asking them to please change topics!

He said lately he was busy recording, and this time he had to sit to record, as Eric Kwok didn't want his songs too have too much "daan tin" (the field of energy inside each person).

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[aiya, aren't they tired of asking him the same questions all the time?? "
reporters should find his new PR manager Alan Tam". haha! hacken still trying 2 make alan respond 2 reporters 4 him!! -kate]

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