Saturday, May 26, 2007

Hacken Lee & Cheung Tak Lan Rehearse for the Community Chest Fundraising Show

[image source:, Apple]
[source: Hacken Lee @ blogger posted by: peggy jean, edited here by kate]

May 26, 2007

Yesterday Hacken and Cheung Tak Lan rehearsed for the Community Chest Fundraising Show. They will sing three songs together, including Alan's "Who will change", "Love is warm inside the heart" and "Sentimental Heart". Hacken joked that previously Andy Lau had sung "Sentimental Heart", and now it was his turn. During the performance there will be a rising platform, and they are a bit nervous. Hacken said that previously he had been caught, as he hadn't attended rehearsals for an awards ceremony and didn't expect there to be fireworks happening, so he was unprepared for them. His pet peeves are confetti and polystyrene foam (AKA styrofoam. i think he means fake snow make of small styrofoam bits), as he feels they affect a singer's performance when they blow into her/his mouth!

Once Hacken asked his assistant to hold up the lyrics on a big board for him, but when he sang to that part of the song, his assistant still did not appear. All he could do was wave at the audience. He once again mentioned Alan, saying that "When Alan forgets his lyrics, he turns his mic to the audience! The big boards with lyrics were made for him...but now even he's changed to use the plasma TVs!"

Sources: Mingpao, Apple, Eastern, Orisun, Takungpao, Wen Ai Pao

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