Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Alan laughs, possibly implying Hacken's about to be a father

[source: http://hacken-sphere.blogspot.com/, http://www.takungpao.com.hk/news/07/05/01/UL-729916.htm]
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Rumours are abounding that Hacken is about to be a father, but he has not replied officially to these rumors. He's also expressed that the first person to know will be Alan if the news is trie. Yesterday Alan appeared at a journalist conference for RTHK's "Super Trader", and was chased by the reporters for a comment on Hacken's rumours. Alan immediately rang Hacken to ask, and after hanging up, he didnt say anything, only laughed. After he accidentally said "Maybe in his house its taboo to talk about this!"...after which he realized he'd said the wrong thing, and could only laugh.

Passing the ball to Alan

Alan, Nancy Sit and Priscillia Ku all attended the press conference for RTHK's new program "Super Trader", where they inducted the HK Trade Representative. Alan wore green in the appearance, joking he should give a big frog to Hacken: "Some people say frogs can test urine, if you want to know if Hacken is about to be a dad, you should go to his house and hear if there's a frog croaking"

Reporters said Hacken had told them the first person he would tell was Alan, and Alan replied he's just returned from Singapore and only found out reading reports, but was still uncertain at the moment. Reporters asked him to call Hacken to find out, and Alan told his assistant to call. On the phone, Alan said: "Because of you I'm surrounded by reporters!! How is it?....you cant tell me?", after which he quickly hung up, keeping a small smile on his face, and didn't dare to say anything else much, only constantly laughing. Reporters asked him what Hacken said? Alan replied: "He said he succeeded...I thought he meant succeeding in becoming a father, but he said he suceeded in passing the ball (of reporter pestering) to me!!"

Not saying it aloud - but implying

Reporters kept asking Alan for an answer as to whether Hacken would soon be a father. He laughed and said: "I dont know! Maybe it's taboo to talk about it for him! (so that means yes?) (Alan laughs)...I dont know!" When asked whether he had taught Hacken to be like him and only reveal the existence of his child after eight years, he opened his eyes wide and said: "Each country has its laws, each family has its rules". As reporters continued to pester, he sealed his lips. Reporters said as soon as he hung up, he immediately stopped and didn't talk anymore, and Alan laughed: "So, beacuse there's nothing to talk about you can talk about anything? Better be careful with what you say, Hacken said he'd tell me in the afternoon." After this he insisted: "I haven't said anything. I dont want to lie....in the end, I really dont know."

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