Monday, March 10, 2008

Hacken takes care of baby, loses chance to meet Beckham

2008 March 3

Hacken, Patrick, Vincy, Yumiko and Sherman Chung were guests at the "Po Leung Kuk 60 Years Show."

Recently finishing his concert, Hacken and his wife along with a big group went to Japan for vacation. But Hacken ate all sorts of food and eventually became ill. Hacken laughs and said that the time in Japan was very precious, but already had to sleep in the hotel room for one whole day; I still insist on going shopping on day two even though I still had a fever, but as a result, while my wife was shoe shopping, I fell asleep on the sofa. Hacken's idol, Beckham is already in Shanghai to play soccer with the Celebrity Soccer team. Hacken said that even Alan called him to see if Hacken wanted to go as well, but Hacken rejected the offer. Hacken said, "Actually after finishing the concert, my son already doesn't recognize me, when he saw me, he cried. And because I was sick, I had to wear the face mask to play with him, but because of the face mask he can't recognize me so he cried! Well, Beckham will also come to Hong Kong! I told Alan that if I had to say who was more important, Beckham or my son, of course my son is more important." Hacken joked that if Beckham can't recognize him, it's not a big problem but if his son can't recognize me, then it is a big problem. Because of his son, Hacken loses his chance to meet his idol, do you think your son tied you down? Hacken replies: "No, I feel very happy! Right now I am not afraid to expose my son, even when going for tea, I will bring him too." Hacken will soon be going to the US for a concert, will his wife also go with? Hacken answers, "No, she has to take care of our son, I am in charge of earning money. If she also goes, then our son won't recognize her too!"

[Sources:, ~ Ming Pao]
[translated by: Jane]

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