Monday, March 3, 2008

Alan gives Hacken a digital photo album at his concert

February 20, 2008

"Your Hacken Lee Concert Hall" concert ended last night on its 11th show. Alan Tam and his mother, Charmaine Sheh, Hu Fung and his wife, Chen Dao Ran and rumoured lover Li Ceng Wu as well as other artistes attended to show their support. When Hacken was singing "Everyday is Valentine’s Day", he dedicated the song to Ceng Wu and Dao Ran. He requested for the two of them to kiss, making Dao Ran embarrassed. In the end, however, Dao Ran kissed Ceng Wu. Hacken sent them his blessings and hoped they could bear a child soon, commenting they are not young anymore. Realizing he might have spoken the wrong words, he begged for their forgiveness. On them saying that both of them did not admit to their relationship, Hacken joked “Of course they deny it but their expressions gave themselves away.”

Alan jokes about Edison scandal

Alan went on stage and told him some "uncivilized" jokes, not letting go off the recent Edison scandal. He joked, “I am giving you a digital photo album and teaching you the right way of storing photos. As Ryan grows, don’t store his pictures in the computer.” Alan also admitted that he’s someone who's a happy-go-lucky person who goes on stage and speaks any-o-how and is not the chairman of the artistes’ guild while up on stage. It was obvious that Alan was pointing out Edison’s stupidity, and he shocked Hacken with his words.

Alan also commented to Hacken, “Cally (one of the artistes present as audience) said that when you dance, it would be best that you make your backside higher.” Hacken replied, “There are so many kids here…” On saying that, he gave Hacken a red packet imprinted with Cally’s beloved dog Cash, and expressed that Cally wanted to pass this to him.

The audience bursts into laughter because of their conversation.

Both of them received red packets from the audience which will be donated to the Red Cross society. Alan Tam prepared his own big bag to collect the red packets and went the coliseum. Hacken reminded him to be careful with the staircase. “I can see that. You think that I am George Lam?” He even joked about George Lam on the incident where he fell on stage the year before.

Shirley Kwan also appeared as a guest. An MV special casting the both of them (filmed in the past) was broadcasted. Shirley joked, “I could not recognize myself from the screen.”When the both of them held hangs and duet, the audience applauded. She wore a sexy costume, and agreed on a date to dine with Hacken and his son after his concert. Hacken kissed Shirley before they sang.

In an interview after the concert, Hacken relates to Alan’s joke with the digital photo album. “It sent shivers down my spine but I know that he will not say what he’s not supposed to. I am very alert too. I did not cut into his words.” He did not want to reply to the Edison scandal, and was asked if he had invited Twins, Cecilia Cheung or Nicholas Tse as guest earlier on. All Hacken said was “Don’t ask sensitive questions!”

During the encore, Hacken sang "Festivals" last. One of the bulbs hanging on the stage exploded and pieces of glass landed on the audience’s seats. The security guards dispersed the front row audiences at once. Fortunately, no one was hurt. Hacken joked, “I sang till the light bulbs burst. I have to go over my singing.”

What is the first thing he wants to do on completing this concert? He wishes to spend more time with Ryan. As he has been very busy, he missed the time to spend with his son and joked that he’s afraid that Ryan cannot recognize him.

[Sources:, Mingpao, Oriental Daily, Orisun, Apple Daily, Takung Pao] [image source:]
[translated by: hianez, edited by: kate`*]


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