Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hacken and Eason tie, both win 5 awards each

2008 March 13

Eason and Hacken were big winners last night; both winning 5 awards each; Eason was the only singer that had the firework effects when he was singing, it shows that he is the Big Brother. Hacken replies: "I requested not to have the fireworks because a firework hit my eyebrow before, and also my throat." As for Leo Ku, who was absent and had no awards, Hacken responds: "I don't how to say this, when I am on stage to receive awards, I am very happy, but if no awards there is nothing I can do, I won't take it to heart (they should give Leo an award?) I don't know how to answer, maybe he received a job that will earn lots of money, this is understandable!" As for the flu going around, Hacken agrees that schools should close for a week.

[Source:, ~ Sun Daily]
[translated by: Jane]

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