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Hacken considers having one more child due to Media Award

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2008 Jan 21

Eason - No pressures for awards. Feeling high after receiving the Media Award

Eason was the biggest winner in all four musical awards this year, in total he received 20 awards plus receiving the Media Award for the fifth time and appeared to be very happy back stage and during Universal Music’s celebration function. Hacken got a total of 11 awards this year, ranking number 3. However, Hacken (One of Universal Music Big Brothers) did not attend the celebration function, not sure if he’s unhappy because he did not win the Best Sales Award? Or did he want to rush home to take care of Ryan?

Hacken absent in celebration to object?

Hacken said it was fair for Eason to get the Media Award. When asked if he will work hard to fight for this award in 2008? He said he never got the Media Award before, does not dare to make it an objective, but will definitely work harder in 2008 in hopes to get this award: "I will retire after getting the Media Award, Eason is so happy now, should have more babies; if I want another baby, then give me the Media Award!" But only Eason, Hins, Cheh On K and Sun Yao Wei attended Universal Music’s celebration function. Hacken absent, is it because he doesn’t feel like celebrating for others?

Ever since the merging of Universal Music last year, there were rumours that top management is biased against Eason, Hacken’s superior also has resigned. This has affected Hacken’s position in the company. Luckily, the two were quite close and there is no politics between them.

[Sources:, Mingpao, Singpao, Oriental Daily]
[translated by: Mary]

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