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summaries of 3 old news articles....

(translated by Babelfish/me and edited by yours truly. so pls pardon the bad translation!
if u can read some chinese and know i got some stuff wrong, pls comment, correct me!
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jan. 5, 2008:

Hacken won one of the Chik Chak Pop Music Chart 2007's top ten songs for "Where Have the Flowers Gone", but he was absent from the awards ceremony. Hacken said that "that very evening has the matter in the body, he said: "Begins. (Does baa? ) Begins, the broadcasting station all 冇 asks me, everybody not good carelessly guessed, the promulgation ritual does dramatically. "
[i'm guessing that hacken said he was sick or busy that day, and maybe chik chak radio asked him 2 come, but it didn't work out in the end cuz of his busy schedule.]

(source: East Daily)


In addition, a Hacken explained that only because he was working is the reason why he was absent from the Chik Chak Awards, "I always relates good with business, I besides looked does not have □, actually also has listens to a business program". Regarding makes sound of the horse continually, a Hacken said: "Like sense this year does is not good, aims at its mechanism to send the song, thought how does make own song to broadcast some much, thought the speech, while convenient informs me!"
[i'm guessing hacken said he has a good relationship with chik chak radio and also listens to that radio station. when asked why he always does not get much awards at that awards show, hacken says something like he only knows that if his awards result this year is no good, he will try harder next year, to have more radio stations broadcast his song more, and to ask for comments about his songs. i hope i'm close...haha....this was hard 2 guess.]

(source: MingPao)


jan. 12, 2008

Ada Choi's wedding ceremony: Hacken and Emily stuck in the chaos

Today many entertainers attend Ada Choi's wedding ceremony, including Wu Ch'ihua, Chen Hao, Li Tzu, She Shihman, Guo K'oying, Yang Ssuch'i, proclaims the tawny daylily, Zhang Chiahui, Huang Depin, Chen Huishan, Wang Hsi, Mr. and Mrs. Li K'och'in, 馬德 Mr. and Mrs. Zhong, Mr. and Mrs. Liao Ch'ichih, Mr. and Mrs. Zhang Chient'ing, Li Yanan, the Hong dawn, Xia Yu, Liu Ch'o Qi and does not have? Manufacture resources vice- inspector general Le I Ling and so on.

When Hacken and his wife appears, it caused the most commotion, causing chaos. (cuz this is the first time Emily appeared in public after giving birth.) Hacken led the way immediately for his wife. At the scene were ten security officers to maintain the order. The security officers and reporters' pushing and hitting caused an argument and Hacken had to act on behalf of them and mediate! Emily indicated she knew Ada and her husband, they make a good couple, so them suddenly announcing the marriage did not surprise her.

(source: East Daily)

jan. 13, 2008

[more about the chaotic scene when hacken and emily arrived at ada's wedding]:

When the couple arrived, reporters crowded around them to interview them, causing the a chaotic scene. Hacken, worried for his wife's safety, escorted her through the mob. But the reporters and security had an argument and a gram attendance for exempts the jubilation atmosphere to suffer injury, namely changes the body "and the matter is old", speaks persuades, only then struggles both sides subsides.
[i'm guessing it means hacken, not wanting an argument to ruin the happy atmosphere of ada's wedding, told a joke and said that he is old news (his baby is old news), only after hacken's persuading did both sides retreat.]

(source: 太陽報)

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