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news from december 2008 about their concert...

(sorry, there havn't been any real hacken news in a long time!!
at least his new CD, Today Special is finally gonna be released soon!! i pre-ordered it today...looking forward to it!! also, they did add more shows, so their concert will have 10 shows in all, feb. 1-10, 2009.)
Alan Tam and Hacken Lee will be the guinea pigs at HK Coliseum
Tuesday December 16, 2008

Alan Tam had a X'mas party "Alan &Fans x'mas Party " the other night. 400 fans were at the party. Alan also invited Natalis Chan (阿叻) and Pang Kin Sang and the group Mr as guest.
Alan recently received medal from The Hong Kong Government. He took the medal along to show to his fans. Alan said " I am not the first person to wear this medal, my mom wore if before me. She is going to be the winner of mahjong from now on."

Speaking about Alan and Hacken 's concert being the first show in the Hong Kong Coliseum after its renovation, Alan told reporter that the venue was originally booked by the East Asia Sport Club. The sport club kindly let them have their concert first. "We are the guinea pigs, testing the sound systems as well as the drainage pipes." Alan is planning to spend christmas in mainland for holidays with his famly.

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Alam Tam and Hacken Lee continue with the charity work,
Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Alan Tam and Hacken Lee are preparing for their "Alan(left) Hacken(Right) concert 2009" in Feb 2009 at The Hong Kong Coliseum. Ticket sale starts today. Alan said, "Credit card bookings are full. 70% internal tickets are booked also. If fans want to watch the concert, they betrer hurry up to book tickets because the ticket sale is very good, we haven't decided yet if we will extend the concert."

Alan and Hacken have been secretly training to keep fit. They want the audience to have a nice surprise. Although they have a very busy schedule, they make time for charity work. Last week they were managing a telephone line for 2 hours to raise fund. Alan did that last year, this year he got Hacken and Emme Wong to do it with him. They hope they can raise more money to help the charity.

Alan revealed that in just two hours, Hong Kong area have raised 1,800,000 HK dollars. The sum will be donated to Sichuan victim support to help the people to rebuild their home. Alan stressed that a lot of people have to rebuild them home, it is a long process, not just a one off. That is why they have to continue to raise fund.

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