Friday, October 3, 2008

Hacken Lee's maid fires him instead!

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Hacken Lee's maid fires him instead for her carelessness,
Friday September 19, 2008 Hong Kong

Source: wenweipo
Translated by: kingkongit27 @ asianuniverse

Hacken Lee's maid fires him instead for her carelessness

Hacken Lee yelled out to the paparazzi's yesterday evening "Changes in the family". It was in fact not about him and his wife Emily Lo having marriage problems, but because one of his maids was careless and dropped his son Ryan on the ground. His eye area immediately appeared bruised and made Hacken very concerned and worried.

But what made Hacken most angry was that before he had time to scold the maid, she immediately turned it around and fired him instead. Hacken said "Before I fired her, she fired me. I didn't get to scold her but she already said "I want to resign", afterwards I immediately asked her to leave. If she was working for one more week, who knows if we will have steamed chicken to eat? He felt the same experience as another student in his school days when they also fired their maid. But personally he felt more worse because he was fired instead.

Hacken stated without the maid he took care of his son with his wife for the last 2 nights. Not only did he not have the chance to watch his favorite English football match but he also couldn't sleep. He even had to cancel recordings, but fortunatley the company didn't complain.

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