Monday, July 7, 2008

hacken's olympics hosting job news

read it here!
TVB Reveal Olympic Coverage Line-up
2 July 2008
Emma Lam


Anonymous said...
GReeeeN Get Guinness Nod, Friday July 3, 2009 Japan

Anonymous said...

dotenkoku yo!!

tricky-- evil guy: awful husband
(t+i all the way!!)

the freak, the witch, and the psycho!

Anonymous said...

THE TRIP 2009 said...



[OMG!! so pretty. hawaii <3]

_________★beach pics 4 TK @flickr :




------------ malaysia:

------------ singapore:


the trip DONE!!!!!! said...

only the top 10 countries (they have the most visitors to this blog) get several pics. the rest (any country with over 100 visits) get 1 pic (except for brazil, cuz it's more special cuz a lot of japanese ppl live there, and cuz i happened 2 find 2 very nice pics).

most pics are of tourist sites, but some are random pretty places. =)

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ BOKEH GIRL SET. AWESOMENESSSS!!!!!!!!! @@@@@@@@@@
(dé)cadences de septembre # 1


mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm autumn in KYOTO!!!

[cool kids ocean silhoutte]
[cool fruity drink]
[twilight flowers]


Dusk in Okinawa
tip of the cape
Aquarium - Okinawa Churaumi



[stone road]
Mountain view with sheep
Neuschwanstein Castle
Hamburg Alsterarkaden
Brandenburg Gate, Berlin
Berlin bei Nacht


saudi arabia
Masjid-e-Nabavi, Madina
Saudi Arabia - Evening prayer at Floating Mosque in Jeddah
Saudi Arabia - Sunset at Jeddah Corniche
Kingdom Tower (Explored)


Vancouver Sculpture Biennale
STANLEY PARK ..........
Vancouver ----Downtown - Sea bus Skytrain station
First Snow - Canada

Australia (AU) 821:
the opera house
Sydney Habour Bridge Australia by night
Cliff walkway, Coolum
Steps to the beach
Busselton Jetty 2
Australian road


THE TRIP DONE #2 said...

Thailand (TH) 725
Our stay on Koh Mak Island

France (FR) 718
Tour Eiffel

United Kingdom (GB) 624

Poland (PL) 379
Power of imagination 2...

Vietnam (VN) 375
Ha Long Bay traffic

Turkey (TR) 340
The Ortakoy Mosque-Istanbul

Russian Federation (RU) 330
Moscow tonight

Hungary (HU) 292

Brazil (BR) 257
- Brasil - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil
Night in Ipanema

Mexico (MX) 257

Hong Kong (HK) 256
hongkong night

United Arab Emirates (AE) 237
The Jewel of Dubai

Spain (ES) 169
Carretera sinuosa

Sweden (SE) 156
The old road through Årdala

Italy (IT) 152
Ravello Gardens

India (IN) 105
Cloudy Triund

shorts; suspender dress said...


tk BDAY PICS, yey!!! said...

new years

hydrangea!!! purple/pink

[girls in rain

heart fireworks

----------flower bouquets


------------bday cake

---------- tokyo RAIN (street)

NO $$ 4 DORAMA'S?? said...

OC J fair; TAKUMIkun@ytube; keisuke said...
[sums up all the events and stuff they have there...WAH, the akiba & harajuku street stuff sounds cool!!!
fashion and geeky anime/tech stuff!!! *__*]



[WHOLE TAKUMIkun movie subbed in eng!!!!!!!!!]
[takumiKun manga MV]
[The Kato Keisuke Video


takumi-kun, SOSHITE HARUKAZE... said...

watched takumi-kun.
tomo yanagishita is a good actor!!!

and the spring breeze whispers~~

WATCHES & rec some TAKUMIkun stuff.... said...|0|Ntt|watches|Ntk|search_all|Nao|45|Nty|1|sid|11FDCCCF44ED|Ntx|mode%2bmatchallpartial|Ntpr|1|Ntpc|1|Ns|grp_min_price%230

[rec end song; RACE (flashbacks)/i love u (my past)/ hug in rain; OTHER PARTS F MOVIE...]

mmmmmmmmmmmmm [!!!!!!!! kowaitessu....]

Of the 86 children who have died since the new swine flu arose last spring, 43 deaths have been reported in September and early October alone, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported. That's a startling number because in some past winters, the CDC has counted 40 or 50 child deaths for the entire flu season — and no one knows how long this swine flu outbreak will last.


some cute icons...

2 more TOKYO xmas pics said...
[japan cafe]

narimiya going on vacation said...

^^happybdayYuma/stats/HKnews/TONIGHTShowAaron said...


[HAPPY (sweet) 16TH BDAY, YUMAAAAAAAA!!!! yey~!! ^_____^]

13 Jan 10, 01:19
kate@tokyo2014: ah!! hi yuma!! heehee. happy birthday!! tanjoubi omedetou!! :heart:
13 Jan 10, 00:44
grumpy: Happy Birthday Nakayama Yuma!! :biggrin:
12 Jan 10, 13:39
akisstolipyou: SOOOO CUUUUTE

# Name (romaji): Nakayama Yuma
# Profession: Actor and singer
# Birthdate: 1994-Jan-13
# Birthplace: Osaka, Japan
# Star sign: Capricorn
# Blood type: A
# Family: Older sister/singer Nakayama Nana (中山菜々)
# Talent agency: Johnny's Entertainment

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ [finally!!! DT updated!!]

21 Mar 2009 to 10 Jan 2010: 1,518 visits shown above

Statistics updated 12 Jan 2010@04:40GMT: 1,521 visits [?]
Count is updated every 24 hours, but map updates are deliberately different, as explained in Notes and FAQ.

Total since 20 Mar 2008: 4,144. Previous 24hrs: 2.


Current Country Totals
From 21 Mar 2009 to 10 Jan 2010

United States (US) 386
Saudi Arabia (SA) 206
Philippines (PH) 168
Malaysia (MY) 145
Indonesia (ID) 49
Japan (JP) 45
Russian Federation (RU) 45
United Arab Emirates (AE) 38
Singapore (SG) 37
Canada (CA) 31
Poland (PL) 28
United Kingdom (GB) 25
Hungary (HU) 25
France (FR) 25
Jordan (JO) 25
Germany (DE) 24
Vietnam (VN) 23
Australia (AU) 20
Mexico (MX) 17
Spain (ES) 12
Thailand (TH) 12
Turkey (TR) 10
Sweden (SE) 8
Italy (IT) 7
Hong Kong (HK) 6
Brazil (BR) 6
Qatar (QA) 6
Taiwan (TW) 5
Romania (RO) 5
Austria (AT) 5
Finland (FI) 5
Netherlands (NL) 4
Korea, Republic of (KR) 4
India (IN) 4
Bolivia (BO) 4
Brunei Darussalam (BN) 3
Moldova, Republic of (MD) 3
New Zealand (NZ) 3
Chile (CL) 3
Ukraine (UA) 3
Bulgaria (BG) 2
Mauritius (MU) 2
Kuwait (KW) 2
Belgium (BE) 2
Tanzania, United Republic of (TZ) 2
Oman (OM) 2
Latvia (LV) 2
Puerto Rico (PR) 2
Norway (NO) 1
Lithuania (LT) 1
Slovakia (SK) 1
Europe (EU) 1
Argentina (AR) 1
Greece (GR) 1
Peru (PE) 1
China (CN) 1
Madagascar (MG) 1
Cambodia (KH) 1
Venezuela (VE) 1
Nigeria (NG) 1
Costa Rica (CR) 1
Pakistan (PK) 1
Asia/Pacific Region (AP) 1
Kazakstan (KZ) 1
Paraguay (PY) 1
Azerbaijan (AZ) 1
Portugal (PT) 1
Malta (MT) 1
Ghana (GH) 1
Croatia (HR) 1



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Japan Airlines shares drop 45% as bankruptcy fears grow
Japan Airlines planes
There is still no apparent solution to Japan Airlines' predicament

Shares in Japan Airlines (JAL) fell by 45% to a new all-time low on Tuesday as fears grow that the carrier is heading for bankruptcy.


################ [good grief!! never noticed, but AF has 200 something thousand members!!! SUGOI!!]

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Posted by Aaron Bleyaert January 11, 2010 1:29 PM
First of all... Today's date is 01.11.10. That's some weird Terminator/Machines Taking Over The World thing right there. Freaky! My computer hasn't been acting up - yet - but it might just be waiting until 11:11. Or 11:10. Or 10:11. Or... You get the idea. I'M ONTO YOU, COMPUTER. PLAY NICE OR I'LL DOWNLOAD MORE MILEY ALBUMS. I mean, uh, my first Miley album.


Secondly - Wow! So many comments [160something] on Friday's post!! THANK YOU for all the love and support!! Man, you guys are seriously the best. I won't be able to get to respond to all the comments today (there's just too many), but I did read all of them... And I'll try to get to some of your questions a bit later tonight. Let me answer a few right now: Yes, No, Boxer Briefs, and yeah the trailer for Iron Man 2 looks totally sweet. Does that about sum it up? ;)

While all this stuff happens, we here at the show are concentrating on putting out the best and funniest shows we possibly can! And on that note, tonight on the show we welcome the great Gary Oldman, hilarious actor Dax Shepard, and musical guest Vampire Weekend! Plus, Conan talks to his vampire assistant, we give out a few Audiencey Awards to our audience... And Conan discusses some of his options in the current television climate! It should be a very entertaining (and interesting) show!

Oh! And once again - because we love you guys - we'll be leaking an early clip of Conan's remarks right here before the show airs tonight! You're welcome, sugarsnap! I'll let you all know it's up over the ol' Twitter and Facebook web waves. See you tomorrow!
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i think this whole late night situation is a friggin joke. Jay failed, cut him lose. Conan is now the guy, let him do his thing. He does a classy show and is funnier than Jay these days anyway. I watched Johnny for years. There are times I see flashes of Carson in Conan. It makes me wonder where I missed the headline that the government took over NBC and is now making all production decisions. Jay, find something to do in the garage. NBC, its time to cut that cord. Conan is the man now.

@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ [wow, they were there, maybe around the same time that toma was!!! looking forward to this series, cuz of chilam, and it's in JAPAN!!! yey!!]

Saturday, November 14, 2009
"The Morning of the Flying Fish in Hanami" in Hokkaido
Filming in Hokkaido Too Happy to be Homesick
Michael Tse and Tavia Yeung Kiss Romantically in the Snow

TEAM CONAN!!! comments supporting conan @tonightshowwebbie said...

"What's up?" "Nuthin."
Posted by Aaron Bleyaert January 12, 2010 5:06 PM

Oh. Wait.

I'm sure by now you guys have read Conan's statement. What are your thoughts? How are you all doing?

Today was a crazy, crazy day here at the show... As I'm sure you can all imagine. With all this media speculation, I can understand what Brad and Angelina must feel; I mean, I'm already extremely handsome (with12 kids), but I've never been a part of such intense media scrutiny! As I write this, the internet is rife with rumors about what will happen; there are reporters physically outside the Universal lot asking people questions - and inside this building, the building that was built for us when we first arrived here in California, we are all hoping for the best... Whatever that may be.

Sorry for the late blog, everybody - it's been a wild day. There's not much I can really say (because I don't know anything), but thank you again for all your well wishes.

I'll see you all tomorrow... Hopefully.

Dear NBC,
In my opinion, the Leno show is tanking at it's current timeslot because it's just not funny. I don't think moving it is going to help, it will just suck at a later time.
You promised Conan the 11:30 slot, he has taken it. I think you should honor that promise. Leno chose to take the risk to move to a new time with a different show. He gambled and lost. I think he needs to bow out gracefully and wish Conan all the best.
AKeene 15 minutes ago


A group of fans is organizing a rally outside 30 Rock this Thursday. Please show your support for Conan, join the rally. The cause is for NBC to recognize its problem, whether you are Conan fans or Jay fans, that does not matter. Please, if you live in the New York area, I urge you to show your support. For more information or if you have more questions, you can contact Tara or you can comment under this post. Thank you, guys!
kyky_loves_conan 23 minutes ago


Be cool my Conzie! I just can't grasp how Leno doesn't mind looking like the worlds biggest d-bag just so he can cling to a few more years of the limelight. Conan, though the writing has been a bit lax I still love you, New York loves you. F the execs and seriously F Leno, the only people watching his show are dim-wits, republicans and hospital patients who are bed-ridden and unable to change the channel. In the immortal words of Flavor Flav.. "Fight the powers that be" TEAM CONAN!!
deejayspicerack 35 minutes ago


I have watched Conan O'Brien since his debut show. I am now 33. He is the future of late night talk shows for the younger generation. In ten years the baby boomers who enjoy Leno will be eating dinner at 4:30 and in bed by 8 and my friends and I will still be watching Conan. On whatever network. Conan is classy, intelligent, kind, and most of all, hilarious. NBC is making a very short-sighted choice. Reactive not proactive. I stand in full support of Conan in whatever he decides to do.
AmyMair 41 minutes ago


Since when do networks cancel shows, then move them to another time period? There are no take backs, except for Family Guy, and that was based on popular demand. The thing is, no on wants to watch Leno, hence the ratings decline since show #2 in prime, therefore, it is time for him to retire. I LOVE Conan, and if the Tonight Show is moved and Leno is placed back into that time period I will boycott NBC altogether. This is absurd.
lvv 50 minutes ago